Are You Living Your True Purpose?

Are You Living Your True Purpose?

The challenge of having a purpose in life at this time became extremely important due to the COVID-19 crisis.

The challenge of having a purpose in life at this time became extremely important due to the COVID-19 crisis.

Currently, the confinement due to the COVID-19 health crisis generated a serious recession in women. Emotionally and spiritually they have carried the weight of the family burden on their shoulders. Therefore, the female gender is constantly searching for the vindication of some sectors of which they are not part. However, reflecting on the purpose of their lives is a topic they are constantly analyzing.

A study by the Oxford Academy called "Purpose in Life during the COVID-19 Pandemic" revealed that goals are a psychological resource that can dampen loneliness. Even increase participation in health protection behaviors. The data collected show the current degree of isolation to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Consequently, having a stronger sense of challenges in life is associated with less loneliness.

On the other hand, the results suggest that psychological resources are related to the accentuation in health behaviors. In addition, the resilience of older adults in times of confinement is emphasized.

Keys to Living With Purpose From a Woman’s Point of View

Positive attitudes are the fundamental basis for women to achieve their goals. However, it is essential the correct control of emotions to take advantage of their strengths. According to Joanna Prieto, personal brand coaching expresses that when living with a purpose, life flows like water and adapts to any obstacle. However, from there you will make good decisions.

-Connecting with people: The goal is to spend time with people who have a purpose in life. This action gives you the ability to evaluate relationships to share support. The idea is to identify old friends and prioritize new friendships.

-Taking responsibility and risks: Facing your mistakes is the most appropriate thing when you achieve your life purpose. It raises awareness of what you need to modify to go in the right direction. Responsibility and the ability to take some risks make you stay focused.


-Be authentic: Reflect with your conscience on the best action to follow. Oriented in your goals, values, and principles, do not listen to what they will say.

-Prioritizing your needs: Avoid being in a state of sacrifice, because wear and tear can have a high price. That is why it is good to focus on growing as a person and professional.

-Do not allow fear and failure to overcome you: Learning from the fear generated by mistakes is valuable information. Consider it and transform it so that failure does not arise again.

-Pursue to live with happiness: Look for the activities that generate happiness, and perform them as a professional. Of course, what you earn will make you feel real comfort, but it's not happiness.

-The decision-making process is much easier: Beware of the impulse to do things, you must know how to discern according to the challenges posed.

-Don't use competition as a strategy: Success is about what you can achieve in life. There are always enough opportunities for everyone.

-Life is not perfect: Experiences make you live diverse alternatives. Better practice performance, production, and self-confidence.

-Value life: Living great moments with family and friends is the true richness of life. Take advantage of those moments with yourself.

-Focus on your purpose and your principles: Don't try to help other people when you're not in the capacity to do so.

-Enjoy your freedom and tranquility: Live to the fullest and be completely happy. Give way to your values and enjoy more the company of nature.

In short, achieving the purpose of your life generates well-being, brings joy, and brings fulfillment to every moment. Be prepared to make decisions protecting your health.

What is your purpose in life?

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