Companies That Make a Difference and Present the Best Offers for Women

Companies That Make a Difference and Present the Best Offers for Women

Have you ever thought of seeing which are the best companies for women to work for? Below, you can see some that will interest you.

Have you ever thought of seeing which are the best companies for women to work for? Below, you can see some that will interest you.

Many women are looking for places to work. However, they don't know where to look. The truth is that many companies stand out for offering different benefits to women. For example, good salaries, gender parity in hiring, or a friendly environment. 

In this case, we decided to make a list of companies that are perfect for women. It doesn't matter if you have a lot or little experience: it can be a good decision for the future. Let's see more.


Surely you know this hotel company. This year, the Great Place to Work ranking selected Hilton as the ideal place for women. This award was obtained for the seventh consecutive year, thanks to a process of inclusion of women in the workplace. 

Indeed, equity is one of the company's core values. In the case of women, Hilton appears as a real-life project. In general, the hotel sector is very open to the inclusion of women. However, at Hilton, they can grow economically and professionally. 

Without a doubt, if you are interested in the hotel industry, you should try working at Hilton.

American Express

This financial institution is one of the most recognized in the world. At the same time, it is the one that most favors the access of women, especially in senior management positions. One of the keys to AE is the bond they have developed with all employees, especially women.

It's about establishing a good working relationship beyond the contract. Therefore, all employees are "ambassadors" of the brand. AE favors diversity to include women in its job offers. However, they also improve social advancement within the company. Everything is based on the fulfillment of objectives, regardless of your gender. American Express is the perfect financial institution for ambitious women.


Adobe is one of the most relevant software companies on the planet. Consolidated as the main offer of design and editing services in the market, many women work with these programs daily. There are a large number of job offers for women. Therefore, they guarantee a high percentage of female inclusion. 


For example, last year Adobe had launched technological scholarships for women studying Computer Engineering or Computer Science. The goal was to promote the professionalization of knowledge. Therefore, they also offered internships in the company, intending to formalize the hiring. Adobe not only allowed many people to work thanks to their software: They also have a wide range of job searches.


Accenture is another one of the great companies for women. One of their key strengths lies in their commitment to accelerating equality. For example, their CEO, Julie Sweet, topped Fortune Magazine's list of Most Powerful Women in 2020 and she wants many others to achieve great things.

More than 50% of the workforce of this company are women. In more specific numbers, we note that in the IT area corresponds to 46% of women professionals. Even that same number is in the positions of Managing Directors. They offer multiple benefits, such as work flexibility or training programs. Accenture is an incredible choice for those who want to go into strategy consulting and technology services.

Johnson & Johnson

Johnson & Johnson is one of the best multinationals for women. In 2018, the Great Place to Work Institute selected J&J as one of the best workplaces for women in Latin America. The main reason is that there is a culture of inclusion where individual results are valued.

J&J's primary focus is respect for all people, regardless of gender. In 1992, they launched the first formal diversity and inclusion initiative. Since then, they have incorporated various support activities to integrate women into the workplace. For example, training, mentoring, or cultural activities. This company is perfect for women who want to pursue a career in science.

Without a doubt, any of these great companies will allow you to develop professionally. We hope you liked it!

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