Ways To Make Employees Feel Valued

Ways To Make Employees Feel Valued

Did you know that when you recognize and show appreciation to employees, their productivity increases?

Did you know that when you recognize and show appreciation to employees, their productivity increases?.

Employees that feel appreciated have higher morale and bring new talent to the company. Having an employee-focused centered culture in an organization is one of the keys to success.

Dr. Heather Williamson is an Executive Coach and author of "Magnetic Trust: How Great Leaders Keep Top Performers and Get Extraordinary Results." Here are five strategies from the expert that will teach you how to make your employees feel appreciated.

Having a good relationship with employees is very important in any work environment because your employees are your number one asset. To be more productive, they need to feel that you appreciate them and value their contributions, effort, and the time they spend with you to make your business a success.

Recognize Milestones

Milestones could be birthdays, work anniversaries, or special occasions. The employees feel appreciated if the company rewards them for their loyalty and hard work. For example, taking time off your busy day like a boss to recognize something personal about that particular employee will make the most significant difference. You can do this through a company-wide email or a private email. You can also post something on your company website or social media.

Give Them Time Off

Employees love having time off because it allows them to spend time on something that is not work-related, so they can either focus on one of their hobbies, spend time with family, take a mini-vacation, or help out at a local charity. This is an excellent opportunity to make them feel appreciated.


Offer Training

If you have high-performing employees, take into account their personal and professional goals. Your role as a boss is to help them grow and learn, so if you offer training, whether it's attending a conference where they can pick up and network, support them to develop their skills. You can also provide them with online training if they don't have a graduate degree or want a certification.

Prepare Gift Cards

This present is very inexpensive, and it's something that you can hand it out to them when they have exceeded expectations and performed great. Gift cards are a detail that it's very much appreciated.

Create a Peer Review Program Within Your Organization

This strategy's very successful because it's the co-workers that recognize, show their respect and appreciation for the hard work that a co-worker did on a project or a task. As it's not coming from management, it's also a great way to show appreciation. When it's peer review, it has just a different feel to it. So it's a great way to recognize and show appreciation for that employee's hard work.

By using some or all of these strategies, your employees will feel that you value their contributions, hard work, and 100% give it all attitude, which creates an organization that is a happy place to work in. Remember: The small actions are the ones that make people feel appreciated.

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