The Key to Wellness and Longevity

The Key to Wellness and Longevity

Positive emotional expressions, such as smiling and optimism are the closest evidence to longevity.

Positive emotional expressions, such as smiling and optimism are the closest evidence to longevity.

People with stable feelings genetically provide some data to extend the life of the human being. These testimonials are based on a good diet and positive emotions; the linking of this generates healthy aging and the success of life. That is why The Woman Post offers you some beneficial recommendations so that over time you can give strength to your life.

A study called the Longevity Genes Project (LGP) led by Professor Nir Barzilai, director of the Institute for Research on Ageing reveals that personality traits, positive attitudes, and emotional expressions could help people live longer and healthier. The data collected from the genetic research was carried out in 500 older adults, aged between 95 and 112 years. In addition, the findings established that leading a healthy life implies extreme longevity or reaching the potential limit of life, this being 115 years.

On the other hand, the expert considers that the human is not genetically prepared to be immortal. However, degeneration should not necessarily go hand in hand with physical and mental pain. There are many ways to succeed and it can be developed with the therapeutic goal.

Keys to Positive Attitudes and Smiles in Women

Juan Armando Corbin, an expert in business communication and coaching at the University of Buenos Aires expresses the psychological and social benefits that our smile brings.

1. Smiling leads to success: Experts mention the degree of satisfaction generated by new generations of women when their smile is genuine. Some studies indicate that smiling is not a momentary emotional expression; on the contrary, it comes from a way of facing life.

2. The smile achieves the great power of seduction: A study by Walsh Debra published in the journal APA PsycNet reveals that female stimulation and interaction with the male social environment reflected eye contact and smiling. The man's approach to the woman was 60% when she repeatedly made eye contact accompanied by smiles.

3. Smiling develops credibility: This aspect is achieved by adapting our image not only personally, but also professionally. This useful resource that implements our face increases our credibility and confidence.


4. Smiling prevents stress and anxiety: Positive expressive behavior releases various tensions from the body. Therefore, they are less likely to suffer cardiovascular difficulties.

5. Smiling builds more confidence: The smile is our powerful letter of introduction because the value of a smile can achieve cooperation and social interaction. A study conducted by Jörn P.W. Scharlemann published in the Journal of Economic Psychology reveals the ability to signal and detect human participation and collaboration, just by smiling. The data collected surprisingly are the effective interaction of strangers even with other features of the face.

6. Smiling makes people more permeable: Some data provided by experts show that people are more willing to socially commit when they smile. This action facilitates communication, provides confidence, and finds solutions.

7. The smile brings happiness: Expressions of positive emotions and optimism provoke not only well-being in you, but also encourage security and social tranquility. Laughter in the female gender makes them look younger and thinner, optimizes your life expectancy, and raises your self-esteem.

In short, smiling, positive thoughts, and optimism generate a life full of fulfillment and satisfaction. Smile at life with great enthusiasm!

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