Make Curiosity an Exceptional Talent

Make Curiosity an Exceptional Talent

During her TED Talk, The Value of Asking Questions, Educator Karen Maeyens explains why solving doubts is the key to overcome paradigms.

During her TED Talk, The Value of Asking Questions, Educator Karen Maeyens explains why solving doubts is the key to overcome paradigms.

The experts explain that those who make more questions are not professors, doctors, or engineers, but kids. In fact, according to a study conducted in the UK, girls age 4 are the most curious ones. The result of the investigation was pretty impressive: The number of questions that they make over a day is near to 400.

Curiosity is one of the most valuable qualities that most people lose growing up. Since asking why the sky is blue to where we come from, questions are doors that open new worlds for us. A question is a powerful tool and a key that can unlock many doors. They allow us to know better ourselves, others, and the world.

According to Maeyens, everyone has a great story to share and the key to listen to those fantastic life lessons is a question. Some good questions to break off the ice and start a conversation are: What do you like to do in your free time? What do you do for work? Where are you from? What excites you at what you do?

Here is a simple exercise recommended by the expert: Take a picture of a neighbor or someone you don't know and ask yourself what you would like to know about them. If they are smiling, ask them what makes them happy, or if they have a vibrant gaze, ask them what is on their bucket list.

"Everybody we meet has so many stories to tell, and we can enrich our lives listening to them if only we know how to listen and ask the right questions," says Maeyens.

What about the people we see every day? Know their stories as well. Ask the questions you haven't asked them and get to know them deeply. As the educator suggests, "the time for asking questions is right now."


A study conducted by George Mason University found out that it's more important to be interested than interesting. Being interested in cultivating and maintaining relationships is more valuable than being an extravagant person that talks too much and doesn't ask others about their lives.

When someone shares with you something interesting about themselves, they are opening their heart to you. In the end, they will have questions for you as well. This sets up a virtuous cycle of giving and taking, which fosters intimacy.

There's no such a thing as a dumb question. Some people are afraid to ask too many questions because they think it is not very pleasant. If a question has no intention of judging or creating discussions, then go ahead and make it. Maybe the question that you have solves the doubt of someone else. Remember that they add to the conversation.

Questions are not only for others but for ourselves. Through them, we can find our life purpose and what makes us happy.

They also can help you clarify your passions, interests, and values. For example, what would you do if you won the lotto? or what kind of activities bring you the most mental well-being? You can connect with people in beautiful ways just by being curious.

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