Some Secrets To Achieve Success in Your Business in a Short Time

Some Secrets To Achieve Success in Your Business in a Short Time

Learn in The Woman Post the secret that some companies have hidden to succeed.

Learn in The Woman Post the secret that some companies have hidden to succeed.

Currently, a very volatile boom is being experienced and in it, there is an era of disruption, which becomes more acute and urgent. Its impact has been spreading through all the countries of the world and inadvertently converts other sectors, including the environment. That is why The Woman Post discovered the key that some hidden companies had to maintain their fruitful business.

A report called "How Promoting Women's Equality Can Add $12 Trillion to Global Growth" by Jonathan Woetzel and published by the McKinsey Global Institute reveals that gender inequality is a moral, social and economic problem that affects women. In addition, six types of intervention are required to close the gap; among them are financial incentives, technology, and infrastructure, capacity building, promotion and formation of attitudes, laws, policies, and regulations in each social context.

Benefits That Companies Have When Hiring Women

An article called "Research: Informal Leadership Comes at a Cost" by Chia-Yen and published by Harvard Business Review, reveals that encouraging is also a way to support female employees and everyone on the team. The findings suggest that leadership managers better help female employees feel valued and achieve effective balance. This action provides benefits in the hiring of women.

-Women have better skills to be more responsible.

-They make better decisions because they are more open to gender diversity.

-They have greater perception and develop sensitivity according to the circumstances of the business.

-Several experts express that women implement innovation strategies so that their businesses prosper.


-Women develop the ability to multi-task, as they can have several commitments at the same time, such as working, studying, taking care of the home, children, among others.

-Their productivity in less time makes them more effective and efficient because they have to fulfill their other job of being mothers.

-They are much more resilient and adaptable because they go through complex situations. Even, their credibility to look for talents is displayed in diversity, equality, and inclusion.

-They drive the loyalty of the company's culture and blindly give their effort to face their commitment to being mothers.

You Know the Phenomenon of a Glass Cliff. Why Does It Affect Only Women?

This phenomenon manifests itself as women rise through a crisis. Michelle Ryan, a social psychologist at the University of Exeter, says the combination of economic problems and the drive for diversity caused by the COVID-19 pandemic set the glass precipice.

Specialists found that women are more likely to reach this situation when companies are in crisis. To demonstrate this, they conducted a study published in the Havard Business Review, in which 119 students divided into groups of women and men participated. The data collected shows that the male-led company progressed only 62%. In addition, when the men's company went into crisis, 69% of men chose female candidates. Meanwhile, the company runs by women the glass cliff disappeared.

In short, the possibility of the continued success of companies is in women. Then what are you waiting for contact women and guide them to be part of your company!

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