The Amazing Story Behind Astronaut Hayley Arceneaux

The Amazing Story Behind Astronaut Hayley Arceneaux

This incredible woman is the first astronaut in space with a prosthesis on her body.

This incredible woman is the first astronaut in space with a prosthesis on her body.

An article by Tom Charlier published on the St. Jude Inspire website reveals that Hayley Arceneaux represents Hope on Inspiration4's Dragon ship. The flight she will board is made up of a crew of civilians and indeed, it is a new opportunity that fate has brought to this woman. The purpose of this mission is to raise an amount of $100 million for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. That is why The Woman Post presents you with the best life expectancy and the best effort to fulfill your dreams of a great woman.

Who Was Hayley Arceneaux Before She Was an Astronaut?

This beautiful 29-year-old is a medical assistant at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in Memphis. In addition, she is not only a prominent worker of the place but also a former patient and cancer survivor. St. Jude diagnosed Hayley Arceneaux at age 10 with a type of bone cancer called osteosarcoma, underwent rigorous treatment, and received a titanium prosthesis in her left leg. The inflammation was located at the end of the thigh bone, at the top of the knee joint, and affected its growth.

On the other hand, she mentions that she spent very difficult years at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, undergoing chemotherapy. Later, they did a surgery where they changed a large part of her femur for a titanium prosthesis. As a consequence, her body suffered a severe impact due to chemotherapy. These actions made her overcome the terrible cancer that plagued her daily.

Chosen for the "Hope" Seat in the Journey of a Lifetime

The mission will be led by Jared Isaacman, founder, director, and pilot of Shift4Paymetnts. The special craft is called Dragon; it has a height of 26.7 feet and a diameter of 13 feet. The trip was dubbed Inspiration4 and is taking the crew into low Earth orbit. In addition, $100 million will go to St. Jude, 50% of the total of what the work will generate.

The pillars of the base are 4 seats where they will place a crew member who represents the value, in this case, Hayley was granted the seat of Hope. The SpaceX mission was founded by millionaire Elon Musk and offered crew training similar to NASA's curriculum. This guide has everything concerning fields of engineering and science, cross traditional academic disciplines because it goes beyond exploration. The space program implements diversity in support staff, in areas such as human resources, IT, financial management, and procurement.


Usually, NASA selects its astronauts from a diverse group of applications and with different abilities. In addition, the careers or professionals who have these opportunities are astrophysicists, biologists, computer engineers, geologists, geophysicists, geochemists, materials engineers. They also emphasize professionals such as computer or software engineers, mathematicians, human resources, budget and planning analysts.

What Future Awaits Hayley Arceneaux?

This opportunity will change her life and an excellent future awaits her not only as a medical assistant but as an astronaut. That enthusiasm pursues a dream and the passion she has had since she was a child to be an astronaut. The amazing woman radiates light and hope and will be an icon of inspiration for all women.

In short, she will be a role model for girls who want to study STEM careers or who want to be astronauts. It only takes a dream and a life expectancy to get ahead as warrior women. What is your dream? Be an astronaut!

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