High Inequality of All Generations of Women in the Post-COVID Era

High Inequality of All Generations of Women in the Post-COVID Era

Women in management positions represent a minimum percentage of 17% in all generations during 2021.

Women in management positions represent a minimum percentage of 17% in all generations during 2021.

The figure of the female gender in high-ranking positions, the degree of professionalism, and the implementation action of technology prevail inequity and closing the gap. However, high inequality in the labor market has created major barriers to economic and social development.

A recent study of Women Executives 2020 conducted by Deloitte in its eighth edition reveals that 63% of women limit their professional careers. However, 94% of men do not. The data collected shows that women's participation in industries is very low and even more so in positions with greater leadership. The findings corroborate only 10% of women hold positions in the presidency, 8% in the vice presidency, 24% of shareholders, and 36% in other positions.

The age range of most high-ranking positions is Generation X, which ranges from 40 to 55 years old with an average of 69%. The second place is for the Millennial Generation, it is occupied by women aged between 25 and 40 years with 30%. Finally, in third place are women of the Baby Boomer Generation who are over 55 years old with 1%.

On the other hand, they emphasize the areas where women stand out, as the first option in Human Resources with 24%, followed by Finance and Accounting with 23%. In addition, there are other sectors where they prevail, such as sales with 15%, general management with 9%, marketing with 8%. Even, in production with 6%, logistics with 4%, technology with 2%, and in other areas with 9%.

Other Similar Studies

McKinsey's latest report called "Women in the Workplace 2021" in conjunction with Leanln.org reveals that women are burned. However, they are looking for a way to boost well-being, diversity, equity, and inclusion, yet it remains UN-recognized. The data collected reflects the collaboration of 423 companies and women of diverse identities, of color, LGBTI+ and with disabilities.

The findings show that the COVID-19 health crisis continues to hinder the great effort that the female gender has built with a lot of vocations. Despite the exhaustion and anxiety that all the circumstances of the moment entail, they seek to unify criteria to achieve better equity and equality.


Magazines and the Media Confirm This

Editor Luis Roldan's Gerente Magazine reveals the 100 most successful managers in each of the sectors. Among these sections are presidents, general managers, marketing, commercial area, human resources, exports, logistics, sustainability, SMEs, entrepreneurs, and technology. In the analysis, each place is made up of several outstanding male and female professionals. However, the female gender has inaction in all spaces.

In the labor market where most women are in the area of human resources, they occupy 75% of the sector of which 12 people 9 are female. Next, there is the sustainability market (CSR), with 6 women out of 8 individuals. In these places, gender representation has managed to achieve relative equity not only socially, but in terms of wages.

In the areas of marketing, exports, SMEs, and technology, the representation of the female gender oscillates at 50%, that is, 13 women out of 26 people. In addition, in the entrepreneurial, logistics, commercial, and general manager’s labor markets, the rate of professionals is almost zero ranges between 15 and 40%, however, the representation of women exists. Finally, the sector that has a greater risk is the presidency that attributes 0% to women.

In short, this fact generates moments that must be developed in the social fabric. Society must understand that gender equity affects the economy and the only way is to execute integrated plans to close the existing gender gap.

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