Juliana Barreto, Member of the Global 100 Leaders

Juliana Barreto, Member of the Global 100 Leaders

The young woman is an empathetic leader who with warmth and passion manages to persuade them with her fantastic ideas.

The young woman is an empathetic leader who with warmth and passion manages to persuade them with her fantastic ideas.

The entrepreneur is a woman with a youth ahead of her, with only 41 years of age she enters the Millennial Generation. This moment in her life makes her enter a stage where she can develop as a professional and as a woman. In addition, she has numerous skills and abilities that allow her to emerge in her profession which is her great passion. The skilled expert has had an impeccable career with different opportunities and one or another frustration, however, that does not make her fade, and on the contrary, it gives her strength.

Who Was Juliana Barreto Before She Was Elected to the 100 Leaders?

The leader studied law at the Pontifical Xavierian University in Colombia. However, the career she liked was Communication, but with the support of her peers, she was able to complete law. After realizing her skills she decided to pursue a specialization in Human Resources and Sales. Currently, she is an expert in leadership and motivation, family businesses, women entrepreneurs, and consultative sales. In addition, her audacity in business and investments is due to her father and mother learning the social impact on other people's lives.


Her leadership led her to work in several well-known companies in Colombia, but she began her professional career at Renault-Sofasa in the areas of human resources, customer service, and sales. For a time she was an investor in the "Shark Tank Colombia" Program and is now a partner of "One Shot." The leader has several clients, such as Ecopetrol, Visa, Samsung, Head Hunter, FedEx, Liberty Global, Grupo Argos, INNpulsa, among others. In addition, she is a brand ambassador including Kuida skincare, JW Marriott, Mario Hernández, and Good Morning Coffee.

On the other hand, she managed for a short time to be the one that sold the most cars in Chile. However, the failure due to availability made her stand out as an entrepreneurial woman. Her previously absorbed skills guided her in handling statistics, marketing data analysis, and risk identification and management.

Special Customers + Analyze Their Motivation = Happy Customer and Safe Selling

According to the expert, every seller must consider and perceive what their client requires. This will make the possibility of meeting their expectations greater. In addition, she states that each user needs different advice and cannot be treated in the same way.

On the other hand, she points out that the effective way to sell to a customer is to hook them, guarantee a solution, give them reasons to buy, and analyze and advise the client.

What Are Her Expectations as a Professional After Being Selected as One of the Great Leaders?

Sure enough, a bright future awaits her because she entered the G100, a select group driven by the Women Economic Forum. Annually, they bring together women leaders from all over the world with great skills, leadership skills, and collaboration to social entrepreneurship. In addition, she joins a team of specialists who have a global, intercultural, and intersectoral approach aimed at peace, identity, and prosperity.

In short, the leader has a promising future and will be the role model for many women and girls, not only in her country but also in other nations.

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