She Is Global Forum Is Coming, an Unmissable Event

She Is Global Forum Is Coming, an Unmissable Event

Our approach at The Woman Post is to make visible women referents who make a difference and are true agents of social and cultural change.

Our approach at The Woman Post is to make visible women referents who make a difference and are true agents of social and cultural change.

The event to be held this October, She Is Global Forum will have a luxurious agenda, with the opportunity to hear exceptional presentations that cannot be missed. We invite you to participate by clicking here.

Between October 28 and 30 of this year, Barranquilla will be the headquarters of the She Is Global Forum, the largest female empowerment forum in the hemisphere, and that bets on the power of change. This space aspires to be disruptive and innovative and seeks to bring together positive experiences from around the world that contribute to the construction of gender equality and the empowerment of women and also enhance leadership, teamwork, and the construction of a solid team of people committed to those goals.

For three days, leadership and empowerment in the female sphere with the power of change will be the central axis of this meeting that will bring together leaders from the private and public sectors and from various initiatives and social organizations, to promote the seal for a sustainable world with woman's look. People will be able to connect, impact, strengthen and build unique ecosystems of inspiration and development between sectors to enhance gender equality in all its spheres.


She Is is a global organization that to date, has benefited more than 10,600 women and connected more than twenty countries, which works for women and girls allowing access to opportunities from social and economic development. Currently and taking step towards the power of change and the reactivation of the region, the She Is Foundation reaffirms its commitment to the goal of transforming lives and uniting more women and men. She Is Global Forum is the perfect setting to continue working in that direction.

For Nadia Sánchez, Director of the She Is Foundation, "these transformative scenarios and activities contribute to the work that is carried out every day for a more balanced world, where women are not only protagonists of their personal stories but also of professional advancements that lead them to be better people, valued and respected. We bet on the Power of Change." 

With the support of Ecopetrol, Bancolombia, Pepsico, Bavaria, UN Women, ProColombia, Phillips Morris International, WWB Foundation, among other large organizations that are betting on this great scenario. Looking for achievements like:

-Develop strategies towards the empowerment of women.

-Connect women and men around the world with initiatives that transform lives.

-Enjoy the largest networking scenario among all sectors.

-Promote initiatives that work for women and girls.

-Make visible, empower and expose the world's greatest stories and projects for women.

-Meet the most important leaders in the world who work for equality and equity.

-Make a call to action with the participating countries and actors to recognize their power towards a 50/50 world.

With a team made up of more than 31 people and an executive committee of advisers such as Alejandra Mora, Executive Secretary of the Inter-American Commission of Women (CIM) of the Organization of American States (OAS); Carmen Correa, Vice President of Operations for Pro Mujer; Juan David Aristizábal, Co-founder of Protalento; Lina Cáceres, VP Digital Latin WE; Patricia Fernández, UN Women Colombia Deputy Representative, among others, seeks to work for a world where sisterhood is the protagonist of a more empathetic world for women.

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