Community Managers: Newest Digital Job Opportunity for Women?

Community Managers: Newest Digital Job Opportunity for Women?

Many women want to have an incredible digital job opportunity. Why Community Management can be a great option?

Many women want to have an incredible digital job opportunity. Why Community Management can be a great option?.

Thanks to the Internet, there are more and more digital jobs. That's why many women decide to venture into different digital ventures, where they learn, without wanting to, to be Community Managers. For example, with their knowledge of aesthetics, metrics, or customer service, they can give an identity to a brand. 

It's a trend that is on the rise. According to the 2013 Community Manager Report by SocialFresh, women are the majority in social media management. More specifically, the CM market has 63% of women, approximately. That is, they lead this sector.  

Therefore, Community Management appears as a more than interesting option for those women who want to start working digitally. It is a job with a wide offer because all brands need professionals in charge of their social networks. 

Community Manager: Opportunities for Women

Unlike other professions, it is not necessary to have a degree to practice. Companies do not usually ask for a certificate that someone is "officially" a Community Manager. Instead, they do need to see how they work, and what experience they have acquired.

This decision means that women can learn how to manage accounts with professional courses on the Internet. Many CMs are 100% free, so it can be a perfect opportunity to acquire a well-paying job. Also, to some extent, it has the potential to generate financial independence.

You can work as a Community Manager for a marketing agency or full-time for a major company. However, it is also very common that you become a freelance CM, who manages different accounts for small companies. That is, you organize your own time and you don't depend on bosses, beyond the owners of those companies. 


If you're worried about the skills you need to work, you probably already have them. Have you ever managed an account for a startup? Or given your account some aesthetic value? Well, to some extent, you already have Community Manager skills.

When you achieve a unique aesthetic style, when you know how to communicate a message or when you connect with your followers, you are doing a CM job. To that, you have to add a strong knowledge of marketing strategies, metrics analysis, and professional management of design tools.

However, you have the knowledge base to thrive in this job field. It's a flexible job, as you can do home-office work and handle all of the companies' accounts. You'll also be able to work in an office, but that's usually for permanent agency jobs. 

It is essential to know that you will also need knowledge of photography. A Community Manager can only be in charge of managing the accounts. For example, by answering messages or uploading stories and posts. However, you will also need to produce content. That is to say, making photo products, professional videos, or having solid knowledge in photo editing. 

In some cases, you may need to outsource some work or have a support team. For example, you can manage social media regularly, but a photographer takes care of photoshoots when the retail store needs to be updated. 

In the same way, if the company asks you to do an advertising campaign, you will likely have to take specific courses on Facebook Ads campaigns. You can also turn to a professional in this area. 

In any case, if you are unemployed, want to change jobs, or venture into the digital world, Community Management can be a great way out. If you think about it, you'll be working with a tool that you also enjoy. That is, you will be able to monetize similar tasks that you do with your account, but this time for other companies. 

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