Let’s Be Part of the Change Our Planet Needs

Let’s Be Part of the Change Our Planet Needs

Andy Stalman is considered one of the world's main experts in branding. With more than 25 years of experience, he has developed projects on all the continents.

Andy Stalman is considered one of the world's main experts in branding. With more than 25 years of experience, he has developed projects on all the continents.

Andy Stalman's talent and personality as well as his work and influence have made him globally recognized as "Mr. Branding."

Stalman completed his bachelor's in International Relations at the Universidad de Belgrano and also studied to be a journalist at Universidad Católica Argentina, both located in Buenos Aires. He also pursued further studies in communication at the University of Saint Joseph, Philadelphia, and graduated with a specialization in Marketing Direction at the Universidad de Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona. Regarding his professional experience, Andy Stalman has occupied important management positions in Lacoste and Aeropuertos Argentina 2000. He is the current CEO at Totem Branding, one of the most widely known Branding companies in the world. 

The branding expert and author of three bestsellers recently presented his new book "TOTEM" where he illustrates the convergence between the digital and social transformation that is taking place. Stalman mentions that brands have the important task to make their clients trust them and that many brands have effectively made use of the opportunity to show their human side, contributing emotionally and economically to the welfare of society. As consumers, we tend to value brands that have an additional value, care for us and care for the planet.

When addressing the topic of digital transformation, Salman remarks that during this process, we must not forget that digital transformation should be human transformation. But what does this mean? Many enterprises put their effort into developing technology without bearing in mind human needs. They do this by creating algorithms, systems, and machines for companies, but they forget that we are human beings. They forget that beyond generating profit, we should protect nature, the planet, and people. In this complicated context, Walman mentions that enterprises have a great opportunity to adapt to this new reality.


Andy Stalman highlights that even though technology has changed the way we work and communicate, there are still certain skills that machines don't have, such as creativity or social skills. This is why many companies seek these two abilities when they hire. The new generations, which rely on technology for many tasks, are already lacking the mentioned capacities, according to Stalman. This is why individuals that work on these skills will have an advantage in the labor market.

In a recent interview, Stalman was asked if he believed sustainability will be a must for future enterprises. He argued that even though sustainability is important, the term has been misused by companies to accomplish their objectives. However, he also mentioned that a time will come when sustainability will be a must, and companies that don't fulfill sustainability requisites will tend to disappear.

Finally, Stalman was also asked if the change that our planet requires needs new ideas, or if humanity just needs to rethink the ideas that already exist. Andy Stalman mentioned that he values old ideas because they help humanity to throw away what hasn’t worked and to generate value from past lessons: "The change that our planet demands, is not green, but human. The planner has always faced transformations without our intervention. The problem then is not the planet, but us. We need to focus on the human adaption process because the planet has always adapted by itself without our help."

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