Instill Independence and Confidence, Key to the Future of Children

Instill Independence and Confidence, Key to the Future of Children

We all know that independent children feel confident when it comes to taking care of themselves.  

We all know that independent children feel confident when it comes to taking care of themselves.  

Even though we want to protect and take good care of our kids, always doing things for them, may send them a message that we don’t have confidence in their abilities. The good news is that we can always learn more when it comes to teaching kids to be independent and confident.

If you are wondering how to develop a growth mindset in your children, you may find that it isn’t so complicated. But what is it that can sometimes stop parents from encouraging their children’s ability to do things by themselves? Our instinct as parents is to make our children’s life easier, rescuing them from making mistakes or even trying to stop them from failing. However, it is never too late to start making efforts to promote their independence. In the long run, they will be grateful! Here are some simple tips that can help them to be more independent:

1. Provide Them Choices With Limited Options

Asking open questions to your child may seem overwhelming for them, but if you give them three or four options, you can encourage them to make their own decisions. 

2. Be Sure To Implement a Daily Routine

Children require the use of sequences to anticipate what must come next. Therefore, if you establish a proper routine for everyday activities you can help them to get used to what comes next so that they can start doing activities by themselves.

3. Involve Them in Tasks at Home

Next time you go grocery shopping, ask your children to help you organize groceries at home. However, you must always choose tasks that are appropriate for their age. The tasks should not be complicated,  but they must help them plan and organize to empower your children!


4. Promote Discovery

Your children must feel encouraged to discover things by themselves. You can use your creativity to place objects in different spaces of the home, which will boost their exploring skills. Next Christmas, you may want to buy an origami book for your child, or a set of science experiments.

5. Make Sure You Work With Your Children’s Schools

If your kids have a positive experience at school, they will feel motivated and empowered. But how can parents help? Make sure you make positive comments about their school because your children will be listening. You can also encourage them to have good relations with teachers and classmates. Bear in mind that parents should work in collaboration with schools.

6. Rethink the Way You Speak About Careers With Your Children

We tend to influence our children’s choices by falling into occupational paradigms that may contaminate the authenticity of kids. Next time you speak about careers with your children, you may want to ask the right questions. For instance, you could ask them “What do you enjoy doing?” instead of “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Be creative in terms of helping discover their skills and passions instead of choosing job titles.

After bearing in mind some of these small tips, you may discover that empowering your children, was easier than you thought. Why not start today?

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