Alex Rodriguez, a Male Voice About Domestic Violence

Alex Rodriguez, a Male Voice About Domestic Violence

The COVID-19 pandemic has entrenched gender violence that also surrounds a large percentage of men.

The COVID-19 pandemic has entrenched gender violence that also surrounds a large percentage of men.

Domestic violence has no race, color, sex, language, religion, or social distinction. According to figures from the Bogotá Observatory, 73% of the cases are women and 27% are men. In addition, 61% are children and 4% are elderly.

A recent study called "The silent reality of violence against men, is it also gender violence?" published in the Mexican Journal of Forensic Medicine and Health Sciences by Araujo-Cuauro reveals that only 1 in 10 men who are assaulted by a woman report it to an institution. The data collected shows that 88% of cases refrain from reporting out of embarrassment. In addition, there is a legal vacuum in the laws of Latin American countries because it is considered a crime when men mistreat women. However, in the opposite case no.

The findings of the report indicate that 70% express that there are no exclusive institutions for men in terms of gender-based violence. 90% express the lack of legal support and finally, in 95% of cases, the aggressor is a woman.

According to FAD's Reino Sofía Center figures on adolescence and youth show that 74.2% of young women and only 50.4% of men consider violence to be a serious social problem. Even worse, 14.7% of the female gender and 24.4% of the male gender assume that it is wrong, that it has always existed, but that it is inevitable.

The new report called "Youth and Gender Barometer 2021" indicates results of how young people perceive domestic violence. These actions have generated a different appreciation in the new generations, such as that it is something common in the bosom of a couple, that it is an ideological invention, and that if it is of little intensity it is not a problem.

Who Is Alex Rodriguez?

He is a 31-year-old man from the city of Bogotá who called the CALMA line (Línea Calma), to request psychological help. The professional dedicated to the bakery and art, was worried and even losing his sanity because he felt jealousy of a toxic man. In addition, he comments that he was becoming the male he never wanted to be. Usually, a man has a hard time struggling psychologically and emotionally with a woman's infidelity. That is why the CALMA line ensures a group of professional psychologists who guide men to channel feelings differently.


Latin American Lines That Serve Men, Victims of Domestic Violence

1. Colombia: The CALMA line (018000-423614) is of emotional and psychoeducational attention exclusively for men, which seeks to contribute to the cultural transformation of machismo and the prevention of gender violence. The initiative has favored 1139 men and 636 personalized sessions have been carried out, obtaining high success rates. 81% of men feel better, 88% handle their emotions better and 94% would recommend the service.

2. Mexico: The GENDES line (55840601) is a program of attention to men where they learn to identify, recognize and stop their actions of violence. In addition, they participate in a re-educational process and develop new alternatives of non-violence. The initiative has proven to promote well-being and more egalitarian relationships.

3. Argentina: Line 144 (Línea 144) provides care, containment, and advice in situations of gender violence. It is important that you know this is not an emergency line. For risk cases, contact 911.

4. Peru: Line 100 (Línea 100) is an orientation, counseling, and emotional support service that will help you if you have been affected or involved in acts of family or sexual violence, or know of any case of abuse in your environment.

In short, these lines seek to prevent sexist violence. But others focus on already doomed men seeking the impulse to get their family back.

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