The Secret to a Full and Successful Life Is Having These Qualities

The Secret to a Full and Successful Life Is Having These Qualities

A successful businesswoman, an exemplary mother, a lovely wife, or a best friend are some facets of women who become role models.

A successful businesswoman, an exemplary mother, a lovely wife, or a best friend are some facets of women who become role models.

Successful women are humble, generous, and authentic. They never forget what it's like to work hard or the sacrifices they had to make to get to where they are. The entrepreneur considered one of the 55 most influential women in the world on Twitter, Ingrid Vanderveldt, expresses that successful women create more success around them

A study led by Caliper, a global management consulting firm, set out to uncover key characteristics by analyzing a group of 85 women who were all in senior management positions. The data collected shows that each executive took a personality test and answered a series of surveys about their successes. The research found six more common traits that are usually shared among successful professional women. These qualities are usually assertiveness, aggressiveness, empathy, ego strength, stress tolerance, and energy.

Caliper's explanation to Business Insider is that the report's results result in successful women who offer simplicity in their communication style. In addition, they are skilled at bringing projects up, they can understand and relate to the feelings of others. These actions they develop make them feel comfortable in high-stress environments and they get excited about their work.

Other Similar Studies

Another report by the More Entrepreneur School, which seeks to know the influence of women in the world and their impact on society, reveals that they interviewed 369 women and obtained significant results. The findings showed that at least 80% of women work at least 40 hours a week between 3 and 5 days and that only 33% of them work alone and the rest as a team. In addition, most say they decided to work independently so they could manage their time and have more control of their lives. 33% would like to form an organization of women entrepreneurs where they can help each other and other women. On the other hand, the research revealed that women would like to undertake communication and marketing, as this is a sector that is constantly growing.


Personal Skills That Successful Women Apply in Their Lives

There are certain habits, characteristics, customs, or ideas that have been shared by some women who consider themselves successful in their lives.

1. Passion is in their veins: It's not that these people do what they like, or love what they do. In reality, they transcend these limits and imprint passion on everything they do. Now, passion is not activated like any task, it is the result of an emotional process that starts from finding contentment in what is done, such as progressively loving the activity.

2. They work hard to achieve success: This is not so accurate because finally, everyone can work very hard. However, they produce extraordinary results, work hard and do so with greater intensity than others, especially those with whom they compete.

3. Persistence is a virtue: They are truly committed to the purposes they seek. They have only one goal and that is to persist, insist, and achieve it.

4. They are creative: Their mental processes operate within and outside of established standards. Experts indicate that successful people have a healthy rebellion with respect to what is established and accepted.

5. They value excellence: Excellence is a consequence of love, in this case of the passion with which successful people develop assignments. If there is passion and love is involved, therefore, excellence will naturally emerge.

6. They are visionaries by nature: Successful people work with time in their favor, and they achieve this by always acting in consideration of the long term. Pressures for immediate results take a toll on most entrepreneurs and businesses. This is another reason to anchor the vision of long-term performance.

7. They are leaders: They create design and lead processes, which is why they are identified as iconoclastic and creative. They are intuitive, decisive, do not do what they do for money, live, and work very focused.

In short, you can be successful in any area of life, as long as it is important, from being a mother to becoming the woman with the best job in the world.

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