New Perspectives and Habits To Instill in the New Generations

New Perspectives and Habits To Instill in the New Generations

After the COVID-19 pandemic, the whole world has questioned the current mechanisms of education. But, the future for our children is the transformation of curricula.

After the COVID-19 pandemic, the whole world has questioned the current mechanisms of education. But, the future for our children is the transformation of curricula.

As the pandemic took hold around the world, schools and colleges implemented other teaching models, such as homeschooling, virtual programs, hybrid small groups, and outdoor education. All patterns have been studied to promote education. However, the lack of preparation of the students generated the parent's concern for these models.

A recent study titled "COVID-19 and Education: The Lingering Effects of Unfinished Learning" by McKinsey & Company reveals that the impact of the pandemic was severe. The data collected show on average 5 months delay in mathematics and 4 months in reading: Experts say that the virus not only widened but accelerated the magnitudes of the gaps that already existed of opportunities and achievements. The figures indicate that in mathematics black students ended the school year with 6 months unfinished and low-income students with 7 months.

A recent survey showed that 16,370 representatives or about 35% of U.S. parents were concerned about their children's mental health. Some even expressed similarities in social and emotional well-being. In addition, they revealed significant increases in various behaviors, such as social isolation, lethargy, and irrational fears.

Opportunity gaps have endured over time and education is not spared from it. That is why efforts must be doubled to implement an effective curriculum provided by effective instructors in the classroom.

The Education of Our Children Requires a Turn Towards a New Educational Model

Sonia Díez Abad, Ph.D. in Economics and Business MBA, reveals in her book "EducACCIÓN" a new model of education. The expert shows 10 clear proposals for education, such as provocACCIÓN, reactivACCIÓN, adecuACCIÓN, capacitACCIÓN, humanizACCIÓN, colaborCIÓN, profesionalizACCIÓN, evaluACCIÓN, innovACCIÓN y transformACCIÓN. This message invites The Woman Post to suggest some proposals in the education of your children and, thus, together provide a better education.

1. Nutrition and health: The importance of feeding children has become a challenge not only for their health but for their well-being. It is essential to educate them that good nutrition requires a balanced diet and that these actions bring benefits that will be reflected in their daily lives. It is known by all that our little ones are not very fond of vegetables and vegetables. However, those food groups are vital to our diet.

2. Emotional intelligence: The teaching of these skills in our children guides them to manage emotions correctly and to generate good interpersonal relationships.

3. Creativity and digital innovation: Digital designs are a boom that must be incorporated into the teaching of our children because the boom in technology must quickly interfere in the digital age.


4. Cooperation: Educating them in teamwork will be the result of an excellent strategy.

5. Environmental awareness: Protecting the environment is a philosophy that must prevail in the future. Therefore, our children must have in their genes a responsible behavior towards the conservation of nature.

6. Personal finance: Organization, time, technique, and patience are some of the appropriate money management. Application in management requires tactics in the complex circumstances of their lives.

7. Meditation and relaxation: Usually, life gives us very hard lessons that generate anxieties and fears in people. However, maintaining a proper emotional balance requires the link between a quiet place to educate the mind and the learned strategies that are implemented.

8. Effective communication: This point is an essential tool that must be learned by children since it boosts productivity and good relationships in their work.

9. Human values: There are many values to offer children. However, inviting him to choose what are the qualities that they observe in them, will make them strengthen them and look for new unknown challenges that they can use in their lives.

10. First aid: Employing techniques on a person to survive causes serious emotional conflicts. However, if children are instilled from an early age these methods will seek to make it mechanical and feelings will not be so affected.

11. Time management: Time optimization is effective in business. Therefore, our children depend on this factor to move their companies forward.

12. Failure management: We must take into account and teach children that it is not only positive to succeed, it is also positive to fail because from it you learn to improve the technique to develop it better.

13. Programming: In this new digital era, programming is of vital importance, since it is implemented as a digital strategy not only in programs but also in studies.

14. Sales and marketing: The volume and profits of sales are made through digital marketing, this requires strategies to recognize and identify what people need to buy.

15. Negotiation techniques: These methods will allow children to have better results in their companies.

In short, these 15 tools will allow our children to be prosperous, with a better perspective of their future. There is still time to forge a better future for them. The legacy of education is in our hands!

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