Connie Ansaldi: “Women Are Born Powerful, Don’t Need To Empower Ourselves”

Connie Ansaldi: “Women Are Born Powerful, Don’t Need To Empower Ourselves”

Her great quality is generosity and in fact, she is a bridge for many people to achieve their goals. When she is alone she does not speak because she takes the opportunity to soak her brain.

Her great quality is generosity and in fact, she is a bridge for many people to achieve their goals. When she is alone she does not speak because she takes the opportunity to soak her brain.

The phrase that identifies her is "as women, we do not need to empower ourselves because we were born powerful and it is good to remember that."

She always believed in perpetual learning and that is why she chose the option of being self-taught. Connie Ansaldi, knowing what she wanted to be here, simply did not find in the universities what she was looking for. However, she chose marketing and advertising. At 19 she was already working and at 22 she was an account manager. She ran the race of life in kilometers at the same time that her contemporaries advanced in meters. In the third year, she dropped out of her studies: "I realized that what they taught in college had nothing to do with what happened in real life. Nobody understood me 30 years ago. I felt that you could get more out of the mentors and short courses."

In 94 Connie came face to face with virtual reality, understood that the Internet was her place, and began her purpose, to become an expert in digital communication helping both brands and people to build their footprint: "There was no one who taught me, everything was done from trial and error. I was disruptive and a precursor of digital communication."

Many Suits

Connie frequently reinvents herself. She is a woman of many formats because her versatility does not fit just one. She has done branding, entrepreneurship, advice on the construction of ecosystems, production in the media, and then jumped to the other side of the television screen to wear the suit of a recognized figure: "For 20 years I presented programs and the arrival of social networks. I became a defender of the democratization of communication, the horizontality of informational links, and access between people. Before we needed a company to build a brand for us, now we can do it ourselves."

What does she like the most? Personal brands and communication and entrepreneurship strategies: "I am building two startups at the moment. I help people so that they can live from what they like and that gives them money. Passion is very beautiful but you have to eat at the end of the month."

Connie Ansaldi also contributes to companies by intervening their work teams from the knowledge and appropriation of corporate values ​​so that they advance towards productive consolidation: "I am passionate about innovation projects and my great and permanent challenge is to find people who are aligned with the DNA of organizations."


Latin Women

In her role as speaker, Ansaldi encourages women to exalt their essence. To share with them more closely, she opened on Facebook the space called "Contame un Secreto," a community that brings together 14,000 members: "We have psychologists and we provide help through consultations for personal development. We make calls for attention that move women to react to values ​​that are no longer useful or mandate that do not work. I upload their ventures to my social networks and make them visible."

Connie shares in her virtual spaces-Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook- tools so that women who want to consult them and, "improve in their day-to-day lives. I do live sessions with experts to advise them on both work and personal issues."

Don’t Look Back

For Connie Ansaldi, the retrospective mind is cruel and unfair because it "recreates stories and adds spices to them." That is why she believes that it is unhealthy to compare the decisions that were made in the past with those of the present: "They were good for that moment, we did what we could. We must embrace the people who were and forgive them if necessary, but it is urgent to fire them."

Her advice is to live in the present, in today, because the past cannot be changed. She is convinced that women are in the ecosystem they want: "Asserting ourselves is a value, not allowing ourselves to be stepped on is a value, and assuming the role of victims is a decision. If we are in a place (whether is family or work, for example) where this happens, we have to move away even if it involves pain. It is not easy, it costs a lot, I have lived it, but we always have power."

True to Herself

Ansaldi is forceful in her appreciation of life and herself. She describes herself as "the queen of reinvention" and believes that she has achieved this by being true to her essence and values over the years: "I have been on various stages, shining or making others shine, I have also been opaque."

She is the mother of a 15-year-old boy with whom she shares her life. Today she is the global ambassador for Latin America of Neu21 and, in parallel, she advances many projects: "I put endpoints when I want, it costs me nothing because I am addicted to beginnings."

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