A Look at the Amazing Financial Empires of Some Actresses

A Look at the Amazing Financial Empires of Some Actresses

The Woman Post brings you a list of actresses who run their own business empires.

The Woman Post brings you a list of actresses who run their own business empires.

Hollywood is the place where many talented actresses have turned their passions and hobbies into successful businesses with unique and fresh approaches. Here are some female stars that decided to found their own brand and became well-known not only for their roles on TV and movies but also for their business vision.

Kate Hudson

The actress has starred in popular movies such as "Bride Wars," "The Skeleton Key," "Mother's Day," and "How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days." In 2013 she founded Fabletics and built it into a 250-million-dollar business. Hudson went from movie star to businesswoman in a blink of an eye. The star of "Almost Famous" has a net worth of 80 million dollars. In addition, she is not only an actress and entrepreneur but also a film producer. In an exclusive interview with Yahoo, Hudson revealed that the most rewarding part about her business is selling products that inspire a healthy lifestyle and motivate women to become a better version of themselves.

Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker is known for her signature style on the red carpet. Now, Parker is turning her love of shoes into a business with her own shoe line called SJP. The star is one of the biggest names in Hollywood, known for her fierce and flirty roles. Parker has won two Emmys and four Golden Globes as producer and starred in the HBO hit series "Sex and the City." For six seasons and two movies, her character Carrie Bradshaw was a hero to women seeking love, friendship, and of course, fashion. Inspired by her famous character, the actress is turning her passion for footwear into a business.


Jessica Alba

The "Sin City" star founded The Honest Company when she was pregnant with her first child. At that time, she decided to start a clean consumer products company focused on babies. Nowadays, her eco-friendly baby product brand is valued at over 2 billion dollars after a strong trading debut. The actress assures that her brand has become a great inspiration for her since she became a mom. Alba reveals that she makes products that she cares about deeply, mainly because they are going into people's homes. Her creations don't use harsh chemicals and toxic cleaning supplies as others in the market.

Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen

Aside from starring "Full House" when the twins were six, they started acting in their TV film and video rolls, which became a whole brand and empire. Their company Dualstar which made all of this happen, allowed Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen to join the ranks of the wealthiest women in the entertainment industry at a very young age. As the sisters matured, they opted for a less public Hollywood lifestyle and turned towards the fashion industry. They are also successful fashion designers. The twins own three successful clothing lines: The Row, Elizabeth, and James, Olsenboye.

Gwyneth Paltrow

"Iron Man" actress Gwyneth Paltrow founded Goop in 2008, starting as a newsletter first circulated to around 10.000 people, including recipes and travel tips. Now, Goop has turned into a full lifestyle brand founded on the idea of wellness. Paltrow's website has recommendations on everything, including kitchen appliances, fashion, travel guides, skincare, and more, as well as products they make themselves. The star told Viva magazine that working as a mother wasn't easy. However, she is enjoying this new stage of her life.

These stars have taken advantage of their platform to create their own brands and have become excellent examples of hard work. Now, they are icons that inspire other women to fulfill their dreams.

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