Did You Know That Women Have Better Empathy With Feline Pets?

Did You Know That Women Have Better Empathy With Feline Pets?

Pets are a fundamental part of any person's life and are a source of fun and recreation.

Pets are a fundamental part of any person's life and are a source of fun and recreation.

Everyone at some point in life has had a pet, whatever it is. Animals are an important part of families and can often serve as a guide for people with disabilities. In addition, they can be therapeutic: Some dogs and felines are taken to hospitals to help reduce the stress of patients. Even, they are very good to help in the classroom. Dogs can help the little ones develop better care.

A study conducted at the University of Vienna and published in the journal Behavioural Processes reveals that the bond between a woman and a cat is very special because they interact and sometimes understand them. To perform this analysis, 41 cats were recorded with their owners between men and women. The data collected in the report show that there is a close connection between felines and women. Both express their needs for affection and affection and the other understood these signs. Even young and outgoing women turned out to have better communication with their pets.

On the other hand, the findings indicate that cats correspond to the needs of their owners, as long as there is reciprocity between them. The report reflects that felines have good relations with both men and women. However, women tend to interact more frequently with cats.

Camila Cerdena, a great Italian writer says that "It is the cat, like the woman, who chooses the person, and not the other way around." Felines seek affection when they want, they are independent, clean, and lonely. In addition, they are very tender, but they can be wild. That is why many people make constructive and destructive comparisons of the relationships between women and felines.

How Do Pets Help in People’s Illnesses?

Animals can unexpectedly help humans. A recent study found that patients who have diabetes and have fish in their homes manage their disease better. In addition, early exposure to pets helps protect children from allergies and asthma. Although, you should always be attentive since there are people who are allergic and it can be complicated to have pets.

Another study published in the Electronic Journals in Psychology (PEPSIC) by Claudia Cruz Vázquez, reveals that amine-assisted therapy represents an alternative treatment for people. The data collected indicate the affective bonds between individuals and animals giving it a character of treatment and benefit to the health of people. The findings show in people especially in women, not only physical benefits but also mental and therapeutic. A survey conducted in that report indicates that 52% consider animals to be a member of the family, 33% think they are companions and only 12% believe they are living beings.


-Physical benefits: Experts showed that aquariums drastically decrease anxiety and fears. Even dogs and cats increase interaction and provide relaxation. In addition, they reduce uncertainty and decrease pain.

-Mental benefits: Usually, animals calm the feeling of loneliness. It also helps children develop a sense of belonging and responsibility. It even broadens skills, such as self-esteem, confidence, empathy, and socialization.

-Therapeutic benefits: The study revealed that patients' motivation increases with animal interaction. In addition, some residents have physical benefits after empathy with animals. Animals promote alertness and reminiscence, and finally, amine-assisted therapy favors the patient's emotional well-being.

Benefits of Owning a Pet

Experts consider the bond between women and animals to be strong. Therefore, the benefit is not only human but also of the animal species.

-Reduction of stress and anxiety: Animals considerably improve mental health, due to the constant social interaction, they implement with the owner.

-They inspire positive emotions: The purr of cats is healing and protects the heart.

-They have a great effect on people with autism: These people require a lot of attention; however, animals can share effective communication and provide the social and emotional support they need.

In short, all domestic pets are characterized by being helpless animals. That is why the affection must be reciprocal. If the owner takes care of them the pet will return that immense affection. Also, before deciding to bring a pet into your home, it's important to do research and find out more about their specific needs and behaviors to ensure that you can provide the appropriate care and environment for their wellbeing. Take care of the animals!

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