Christmas: 5 Best Eco-Friendly Ideas for Wrapping Gifts

Christmas: 5 Best Eco-Friendly Ideas for Wrapping Gifts

Now more than ever, ecological ideas must emerge globally, even for Christmas 2021.

Now more than ever, ecological ideas must emerge globally, even for Christmas 2021.

At present, unfortunately, our planet is near to a climate catastrophe, and even though many concerns are evident, there is a possibility that the agreements proposed by the UN will be too late and insufficient. Some experts indicate that several companies offer a reduction in the climate impact on their industrialization; however, this reduction is still not satisfactory.

Inger Andersen, Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Programme, says the world is looking to intensify efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. However, we must also work individually on ecological ideas that promote solutions based on nature.

Some countries have already taken on new challenges and commitments to achieve zero emissions by 2050. For this reason, any initiative that comes from you is a great contribution and fundamental support that is required to transform this severe impact that affects everyone. That is why in this post we show you the best 5 ideas to wrap your gifts ecologically this Christmas, but above all so that you are one of the first women to contribute a grain of sand to save the planet.

There are many ideas to wrap your gifts this Christmas, but very few ecological ideas. Here we offer you the best ones so you can use them this Christmas.

1. Kraft Paper

This paper is versatile and very economical can be implemented in bread bags. In addition, they use it as packaging paper. Even in some countries, supermarkets use it for customers to take their products home. They sell it by the sheet and in other regions by the roll. Kraft paper is a thick brown paper that in German means resistant.

2. Newspaper or Magazines

Although technological advancement has made newspapers and magazines digital, you can still get this paper in some homes and can be implemented to line Christmas gifts, you just have to have the creativity to decorate. You will have an excellent gift!


3. Eco-Friendly Cloth Bags Decorated by You

Another alternative that The Woman Post proposes is to make the cloth bags yourself and decorate them with your style. The idea in this type of gift has an important value and meaning for the person to whom you will give. Just be yourself!

4. Glass Jars With Aromatic Candles Made by You

Scented candles are a nice memory this Christmas for their pleasant smells. Candles are very easy to make, melt the sperm place it in a bowl, and add natural essences such as orange, cloves, cinnamon, nuts, mint leaves, among others. The decoration you incorporate is very significant, emphasizes Christmas ideas.

5. Ecological Baskets

Jams in glass jars or Christmas sweets are very innovative ideas. Depending on the country where you are, the Christmas cakes are very traditional; among them is the black forest, black Christmas cake, and Christmas panettone. Family-sharing food can also be an option, such as vegan Hallacas. These alternatives can be incorporated into your ecological basket, wrap them with recycled transparent paper and place a loop. The best gift!

After reading this post, all the ideas you can think of are good for achieving the best gifts at Christmas. The Woman Post wishes you the best Christmas this year 2021. Enjoy the best green parties you can think of!

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