FITS Gender 2021: Social Impact and Technology

FITS Gender 2021: Social Impact and Technology

In the sector related to technologies, video games, programming, software, and the like, the gender gap in opportunities and pay equity persists.

In the sector related to technologies, video games, programming, software, and the like, the gender gap in opportunities and pay equity persists.

The NGO Wingu organizes this version of the Festival de Innovación y Tecnología Social (FITS) Gender 2021, as of December 1, focused on the theme of gender and diversity for social impact referents in Latin America.

The event, for which The Woman Post is a partner as a digital medium, can be enjoyed in person in Buenos Aires and also virtually through an innovative space platform. Registration is open and free, here.

With a full schedule of conferences, talks, experiences, and trends, the event will be held in a hybrid format and will last 4 hours, from 15 HS – 19 HS BS AS / 12 HS – 16 HS CDMX / 13 HS – 17HS BOGOTÁ. The central axes will be Social Impact, Gender and Diversity Perspective, Civic Technology, Digital Communication, Leadership, and Technological Tools.

The International Labour Organization, Twitter, Lean Mind, Arredo, and the accompaniment of The Engine Room and Trans-TI are entities that support this opportunity. This last one is a social impact company that provides digital services and seeks to reduce the unemployment gap in the trans community.

"We need to build a plural social sector, which provides equal opportunities to face social problems with profound solutions. In this sense, technology and innovation can help us achieve greater gender equity and diversity, understand the challenges we face, generate community among people who are working on the same topic, learn about learnings and projects to support us to continue and enhance our work," says Carolina Barada, Wingu's Executive Director. "FITS offers a platform and an inclusive, accessible and unique space to collaborate to have more educational opportunities and access to jobs to all people in the region."


This type of meetings in which representatives of the Technology Sector, the Social Sector and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) from the public and private sphere, Foundations, Civil Associations, Universities, Volunteer teams, local, provincial and national governments, Communication managers, Fundraising leaders, and technology specialists generate actions that the sector hopes will become policies whose actions contribute to closing gaps, in accordance with SDG 5 and SDG 8 of the 2030 Agenda.

About Wingu

It is a non-profit civic technology organization. Its multidisciplinary team promotes social projects and initiatives and maximizes their impact through a process of digital transformation and the implementation of innovative technological developments. With projects in more than 18 countries around the world, 40,000 people participated in its training events and workshops, developed 1,400 implemented digital social impact solutions and more than 10 civic technology platforms developed.

This # FITSGenero2021 event is an unmissable end-of-the-year event for all those who are related to the sector from the creative areas, bet on equality and inclusion in key aspects such as hiring, promotion, equal opportunities, and wage equity in the Digital Economy.


Social networks are Instagram (, Facebook (FITS), Twitter (@desdefits), and through the hashtag #conectatucausacontecnologia and on Wingu's social networks too.

#FITSGenero2021 #connectyourcausewithtechnology

Dates: December 1, 2021

Hours: 15 HS – 19 HS BS AS / 12 HS – 16 HS CDMX / 13 HS – 17HS BOGOTÁ

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