Does Digitalization Promote Happiness and Well-Being?

Does Digitalization Promote Happiness and Well-Being?

All generations of the world look for the easiest way to maintain their well-being and identify with healthy products.

All generations of the world look for the easiest way to maintain their well-being and identify with healthy products.

Currently, the various digital technologies that drive well-being have a significant impact on the way of consumption. However, a report published in the journal RRHH Digital by Estela Martín, indicates that 95% of professionals say that digitalization promotes happiness and therefore, their well-being. Technology is a converter of feelings because it generates connections with other people and influences the important circumstances in their lives.

A recent study dubbed "Feeling Good: The Future of the $1.5 Trillion Wellness Market" by Shaun Callaghan and published by the most prestigious corporation McKinsey & Company, revealed the categories that most interest consumers who care about their well-being. The data collected in the analysis shows that of 7,500 consumers surveyed in 6 nations, 79% consider wellness to be important and 42% think it is a priority. In reality, the findings indicate that there is a 5 to 10% increase in users spending $1.5 trillion annually on personal well-being.

The COVID-19 health crisis generated in consumers a future vision of health and established parameters associated with the well-being of their family groups. These actions gave an extraordinary result in the approaches that consumers tend to perceive and cope with their health and well-being.

-Emotional health: Currently, people's well-being is based on medical consultations, food supplements, and digital equipment that measures health, such as sugar, tension, pressure, among others. However, in recent decades there has been a progressive increase in users who prefer to direct their own health by giving a radical turn to the perspective. They are only looking to implement a balanced diet with more vegetables, a good daily exercise routine, and share more family time for their emotional health.

-Physical form: During the COVID-19 pandemic, physical activities have been a challenge for users, due to the paralysis of gyms due to confinement and social distancing. However, some consumers implemented digital tools to increase exercise levels and thus maintain their well-being and health.

-Nutrition: The digital age has revolutionized the way consumers view the market, as they have considered significantly increasing spending on diet programs and nutrition apps with balanced meals. However, the demand is greater in terms of purposes and diversity in flavors.

-Appearance: Recently, aesthetic procedures, beauty products, makeup, and ecological markets have progressed, including clothing aimed at the well-being of users.

-Rest: Rest hours are one of the most applied categories lately by users who want to improve their health. A recent study published in the journal Medical News Today by Debora Weatherspoon, reveals that getting enough sleep is essential to help maintain health. Data collected by some experts show that when you get enough sleep, you have better concentration, productivity, and cognition.

-Mindfulness: The COVID-19 health crisis has raised the degree of anxiety of users around the world. That is why people prioritize mindfulness, such as yoga, meditation, Pilates, among others. Today, consumers are looking for the opportunity to increase their spending on products and services that have a value in mindfulness.


Recommendations To Achieve Physical and Mental Well-Being

The Woman Post gives you some tips to achieve your well-being, not only physical but also mental. These tips can be put into practice easily and the most important is that they do not require much budget.

1. Plants are powerful: Place them in your home. Experts believe that plants generate a beneficial effect on emotional well-being. A report states that 76% of respondents express an emotional benefit to having plants inside the home and only 3.2% said that they did not influence, according to a study published in the journal Techo Garden by Marisa Sardina.

2. Promote Feng Shui, order, and cleanliness: Together they stimulate your tranquility. Implementing feng shui is to help you balance your emotions within the home, you just have to study the environment of the spaces and adapt them with quick and simple solutions.

3. Hydration is essential, consider it: As we already know, the human body is made up of 60% water and our brain 85%. That is why hydration is considered life.

4. Enjoy your smile, positive mind: Some experts indicate that the smile is the weapon that people have to approach and get out of any situation unscathed. So, what do you expect to implement in your daily life?

5. Enjoy nature and birdsong: The sounds of nature, such as birdsong or water falling from a waterfall are reassuring. Enjoy these spaces that nature offers you to increase your well-being.

6. Sweet dreams: Sleep rejuvenates the skin. Rest is based on repairing and strengthening our bodies. So, take advantage of taking 30-minute naps and sleeping 8 hours at least at night.

In short, you can easily achieve your well-being and in The Woman Post, we offer you the best of therapies to have a healthy life. What you expect take advantage of these tips!

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