Is It the Sole Responsibility of Women To Achieve Equality?

Is It the Sole Responsibility of Women To Achieve Equality?

The 2030 Agenda includes 17 sustainable development goals, and Gender Equality is considered number five. Will it be achieved?

The 2030 Agenda includes 17 sustainable development goals, and Gender Equality is considered number five. Will it be achieved?.

The figures continue to show the gender gap in many aspects and sectors worldwide, despite the fact that six years have passed since the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were approved in the United Nations General Assembly and some changes have been achieved, but the pandemic has represented a setback from those small advances.

Many communities, leaders in various countries, have held high-level meetings to raise the discussion. But it is perceived as if it were a struggle by women to obtain an ill-conceived "freedom" to obtain special benefits, participation quotas, and other arguments that do not really reveal the true reason.

The Sustainable Development Goal 5: Gender equality (SDG 5) arises to increase the opportunities and access of girls to education, reduce child marriages, eliminate female ablation and provide greater employment and economic options that allow women to contribute to the economic recovery of their communities.

It is undeniable that the strength of the communities, bringing together leaders and women leaders, raise voices and make current efforts visible. This is how The Woman Post participates in the first international discussion organized by The American Organization Women Leaders Automotive Maintenance WAM 21: "Path to Gender Equality," with 13 women leaders from the continent, 9 countries and 9 sectors: Silvia Ortiz Ruiz – Vanguardia Industrial, Maria Claudia Londoño Duarte – The Woman Post, Evelyn Galván – Reino de la Perla, Ariene JQ Souza Rodrigues – Leader WAM21 Brazil Maintenance Manager at Raízen, Leka Hattori – Local Lead NASA Space Challenge Brazil, Cynthia Karin Palomino Buleje – Sisterhood Network Pacto Entre Ellas Internacional, Giovanna Cárdenas Ramírez, Corporate Governance Director Peru International Institute of Business Ethics and Compliance, A, Gabriela Strauss – Women at the wheel, Aradey Urri – Uruguayan Chamber of Office and Computer Machines Importers and MAC Network-Mujeres A Contracorriente Civil Association, Mabel Ortiz – Director of Industrial Safety Lean Management of l Paraguay, Claudia Acosta – Claudia Acosta Speakers, Claudia Petit – Women in Construction – MUCC, Luisa Fernanda V. Women in automotive Maintenance twenty-one – WAM21.


By clicking here, you can connect to the transmission on YouTube and Facebook Live.

The truth is that men must walk alongside women, since they are in positions with decision-making capacity in the government, in the company, in society, to establish policies for hiring, promotion, and salary scales on equal terms. This effort must be united in order to ensure that all countries achieve constitutional equality.

The new generations of boys and girls must receive this message clearly, and thus together we can contribute to closing the gap. It is not possible to do it in a disjointed way if you want to create a real impact.

The Woman Post's approach is to make these women's referents visible, these communities that, under the concept of sisterhood, support each other, value their achievements, talents, and abilities. Welcome to this first international discussion that promotes the path towards gender equality in Latin America.

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