3 Outdoor Sports That You Should Practice on Your Holidays

3 Outdoor Sports That You Should Practice on Your Holidays

You can not miss the best three physical activities to exercise on vacation!

You can not miss the best three physical activities to exercise on vacation!.

Our body requires being in constant motion to reach a favorable level of toning and endurance. However, it also helps to lose weight and decreases the risk of developing diseases. The numerous positive effects are also linked to the considerable reduction of depression and anxiety.

An article published in the Journal of Social Studies by Williams Ramírez reveals that many investigations regarding the different benefits of outdoor sports based on health usually emphasize wellness. However, several analyses show that sports favor processes of socialization, mental, performance and improvement of the quality of life.

1. Cycling

In particular, cycling brings many benefits to women who practice it, whether used as a hobby or as a profession. In cycling, it is essential to learn what intensity to use as you go and even the routes you incorporate into your daily routines. However, it is also necessary to know your body and your capabilities to set clear goals.

A study called "Women and urban cycling: promoting inclusive mobility policies in Latin America" carried out by Rodrigo Díaz and published by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) revealed the promotion of a compact urban development model that reduces distance times and favors the environment, such as the bicycle. The data collected indicate that the bicycle and women are a trend in the last decade, reaching figures above 5% in the large cities of Colombia.

On the other hand, various reports indicate that the female gender usually has fewer opportunities to exercise. However, urban cycling has been a solution to maintain the right weight, decrease levels of depression and anxiety, and even raise self-esteem in women.

2. Running

A study of greater impact was applied to women in Spain in 2019 published in Runnea Magazine. The report generated an exhaustive analysis of the whole society, specifically the female population. The findings show that 92.6% of women go jogging during the menstrual period and that 56% run to clear their minds of household problems. In addition, the data collected indicate that 70% of women feel that work and family load are a significant impediment to exercise. That is why The Woman Post suggests that you keep these tricks in mind to stay motivated to be a female runner.

Propose a daily routine:

-Avoid excess, not overtraining.

-The key to this sport is to listen to your body.

-The mixed entity is an interesting option.

-Rest days are sacred.


3. Yoga

Yoga has become for many women a trendy discipline, where several universities and organizations study its execution process in women's groups. The results of these analyses are surprising and worthy for female knowledge, to guide the female gender to practice this great outdoor sport.

-The University of Illinois revealed that it improves their cognitive ability, concentration and also assimilates information much faster.

-The University of Pennsylvania shows that it lowers blood pressure levels.

-Harvard University also ran a report showing that yoga increases sexual desire in women.

-West Virginia University published that it reduces chronic low back pain.

-The University of UCLA indicates that people with Alzheimer's who exercised yoga considerably reduced active inflammatory proteins.

-Bale State University released an analysis in which lung capacity increases, due to exhalations and inhalations.

-Boston University revealed decreased anxiety and depression.

-The University of Colorado indicates that it develops flexibility in the shoulders, back, and tendons. On the other hand, it reduces cellulite or fat accumulated in the body, including buttocks, legs, arms, abdomen, among others.

Impressive the number of studies and analyses developed from a sport that women practice daily. Do not say more, yoga is one of the most practiced sports by the female genre. Dare to try!

Finally, you will not be denied that integrating any physical activity into a daily routine is complicated and much more so when you have children and a family to take care of. However, it is never too late to achieve this. Any activity you do your body will thank you, you just have to look for one that is compatible with your interests and starts slowly. That will be the beginning of a road ahead!

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