Infallible Tips To Achieve Your Goals in the New Year

Infallible Tips To Achieve Your Goals in the New Year

The purposes of our life are the fuel that moves our body daily. That's why it's very easy to set some goals for the New Year.

The purposes of our life are the fuel that moves our body daily. That's why it's very easy to set some goals for the New Year.

Several studies indicate that setting plans and goals help us stay with ourselves. These purposes contribute positively to the development of our personal life and also give us emotional stability which is an important thing. For this reason, The Woman Post offers us the best recommendations to set our goals this New Year that is almost going to begin.

A study conducted by Kaitlin Woolley and published by the University of Havard Business Review revealed that people set goals at the beginning of the year to achieve long-term benefits. In addition, they reported their ability to persist in long-term purposes, among them it can be said that career advancement or better health is part of those goals.

Heidi Grant Halvorson, a social cognitive psychologist specializing in the study of leadership, motivation, and performance. The author of five best-selling books is part of Thinkers50's global list of management thinkers. She is the Director of Research and Development in Learning at EY and Associate Director of the Motivation Science Center at Columbia University. The leader shares discussions and dialogues, with great ideas and recommendations for all people to achieve their goals. Dr. Grant, in one of her explanatory videos, provides four wonderful tips that you can take advantage of.

-Be specific.

-Decide where and when you will act.

-Change your mindset.

-Focus on what you'll do, not what you won't do.

Jonathan García-Allen, psychologist and director of communication at the website Psicología y Mente, has several specialties in the field of psychology and neurosciences. Currently, he is a professor of coaching at the Universidad Libertadores de Colombia and author of two books, including "Psychologically speaking: a journey through the wonders of the mind" and "What is intelligence? from IQ to multiple intelligences." Here are seven tips from the expert to help you achieve your resolutions in the New Year.

1. Write down your purposes: Keep in mind that they must be realistic, but also challenging to feel interested in. Putting your goals on paper is the first step to them being met since when you write them down, you read them constantly and commitments are created to achieve your purposes. The habit of writing them and then reading them establishes key perspectives to guide the way to them.

2. Set limits to your realistic purposes: Don't worry about this point. The purpose should be specific, measurable, achievable, and realistic and it should take some time. So you set limits to your goals.


3. Link your goals to positive emotions: Reflect on all the good things those goals will bring to your life and write phrases that motivate you to improve on your goal. The important thing is that you eliminate negative models and increase positive patterns.

4. Imagine a visual representation of what it would be like if you achieved your purpose: Creating daydreams is not bad; on the contrary, it teaches you the possibility of designing an image of yourself if you achieve your goal. You wonder what I will do. Or how will I do it? And that motivates you to move forward with other long-term goals.

5. Be patient and carry out a daily action of your goal to be able to achieve it: Patience is a virtue that not everyone has. However, you can work it daily, with practice you learn. Daily work and constant perseverance undoubtedly develop the skills to get up when you fall into your goals. You just have to keep fighting your goals.

6. Share them with your family and friends. When you share with your friends or charismatic people they provide and elevate efficiency and productivity to your projects. In addition, these people can connect with your ideas and generate them for you from another perspective. Then take advantage of these ideas!

7. Take some time to go over your goals and see how amazing they are. Reading your goals and objectives daily basis leads to the small achievements you want for yourself. In this way, it makes you work them.

Finally, with this strategy, you will reach your goals sooner than you expect. You must bear in mind that organizing yourself in your daily activities will make you make a difference to other people, just evaluate your possibilities and set new goals after completing the previous ones.

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