Christmas Recipes for Family Fun!

Christmas Recipes for Family Fun!

These ideas are great for children to help you at home this Christmas season.

These ideas are great for children to help you at home this Christmas season.

Children are the greatest illusion you have at home, so why not give them a little joy with desserts and Christmas decorations? Invite them to help you make the desserts. Both will spend family time and are very pleasant.

Brownie Christmas Tree With Ice Cream Cones

Currently, there are many options of simple and very creative recipes to make. However, these Christmas trees will fill the little ones of the house with joy and life. To make this dessert, chop the brownie in small triangles and decorate with chocolate on top and then with a sleeve make white lines simulating the lights and place colored nuggets or dandy as backdrops. They will look very cute, just have a little creativity and live in the moment!

To make the Christmas tree with ice cream cones, decorate with the sleeve and green pastry cream. Incorporate color rain into your designs.

Colorful Cookies for a Merry Christmas

For colorful cookies, melt a cup of chocolate in a bain-marie. Then, carefully place the sticks in the cookies and invite your children to take the cookie and introduce it into the chocolate. In another bowl place rain or rain colors of chocolate and place the melted chocolate-filled cookies to join them.

Place the different cookie designs on a plate with a rich cup of hot chocolate. They will spend a delicious Christmas with these cookies.


Marshmallow Candy Snowmen

Children love snowmen, so why not give them the illusion of having those around? So they can have fun with them. With a stick prick 3 marshmallows and spread them with previously melted chocolate. Then, decorate with your eyes, nose, and some buttons.

You can also draw on a paper greased with melted chocolate the hands in the form of dry branches and stick them to the marshmallows with the same chocolate. To decorate tie a Christmas ribbon to the stick and place them in a container on the table to enjoy a wonderful Christmas afternoon,

Chocolate Christmas Figures

This fabulous Advent wreath is very simple and you can use recycling material. Cut out red and green silk paper boxes, you can also implement the yellow color in your decorations. Take the chocolate and place the tissue paper on its bottom, with a garter lining its base. Yes, it will look like a flower.

Repeat the same operation with all the chocolates and then incorporate them into the advent wreath. Finally, decorate with a central bow.

Delicious desserts to enjoy with the family, on Christmas night!

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