3 Brilliant Women in Energy Leadership Positions

3 Brilliant Women in Energy Leadership Positions

Right now, the female gender seeks to project its maximum effort in the energy sector to transform the panorama strongly.

Right now, the female gender seeks to project its maximum effort in the energy sector to transform the panorama strongly.

The first magazine in Mexico free of CO2 "Top 10 Women & Energy 2021," revealed the names of 10 great women who have a competitive status and who have managed to conquer spaces to make themselves visible among themselves. The energy market has always been masculinized; however, women broke the paradigm and developed the participation of the STEM sector.

María José Treviño, CEO of Acclaim Energy Mexico

According to the official website of Acclaim Energy Mexico, strategic energy management, María Treviño is the advisor to large consumers of electricity and natural gas. The leader has been decorated in several magazines, including "The 100 most powerful women in business in Mexico for Expansion," "Top 10 women in the industry for energy today" and "100 Leaders of the energy sector."

Currently, she is secretary of the Founding Council of Women's Energy Network (WEN), an independent advisor to the Mexican Council on Foreign Relations (COMEXI), a member of Voz Experta, and part of the Sustainability Committee of the National Chamber of Construction. In addition, she works as an autonomous consultant for COX Energy Americas, the first leading company to generate renewable energy in Latin America.

Juan Carlos Chavéz, the author of the article "Equality of opportunity and transparency are essential," indicates that María Treviño addressed the Greenfield issue in solar and wind projects, to implement viability. Regarding the development of digitalization, she emphasized the gender gap and highlighted the role of women at work as professionals. Finally, she reflects that women are obliged to study a professional career to climb positions and contribute to the future of the planet.

María Luisa Licón, Legal Counsel at Marathon Petroleum Corporation

María Luisa Licón has 10 years of experience in the sector as a lawyer and also has two specializations, one in Energy Law and Sustainability and another in Law with a Certificate in Business. For the leader, her effort and dedication are emphasized both in inclusion, in diversity, and the awareness of society, these actions make possible the transformation in the world.


Edna González, the author of the article "Breaking down prejudices," shows that María Luisa Licón creates unique value through her stake-holder operations and implements the issues of sustainability and gender equity. At the end of the interview, she concludes with her reflection and hinted that together, strong and empowered can achieve personal and professional development in the STEM sector.

Katya Somohano, Director of Energy at Deacero Power

Being a woman generates great challenges not only in the personal sphere but also in the professional one. Katya Somohano has been involved in sensitive issues, such as the displacement of children due to the aftermath of situations of violence. Her experience has led her to strengthen female talent in the electricity sector.

The inclusion of new generations in the area of renewable energies leaves indelible traces that have been generated in educational institutions. Undoubtedly, these efforts become our future and the main engine for the growth of nations.

María Fernanda Hernández, the author of the article "Inclusion, a sign of avant-garde and modernity," reveals that Katya Somohano is fully immersed in the energy sector and considers a charming woman. It has even turned out to be a war in the incorporation of other women in the field and definitively cut the taboo that has taken root in society. In short, the director offers a thought that begins to make noise and manages to empower spaces with talent, knowledge, and commitment of the female gender.

These women in the energy sector seek to transform the commitments that are required for environmental sustainability.

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