8 Traits That Will Highlight Your Work in 2022

8 Traits That Will Highlight Your Work in 2022

Here are eight essential traits that will help you differentiate yourself at work and get a promotion.

Here are eight essential traits that will help you differentiate yourself at work and get a promotion.

Suppose you have been working in the same company for a while, and you've been trying to develop your personal brand and achieve a next-level promotion. In that case, the key to taking the next step is to differentiate yourself instead of working so hard.

Some professionals are solid performers at their jobs and are reliable to their bosses and teams. However, they keep getting passed up for manager or director-level roles. Consequently, the most common complaint is "I work harder" or "I'm smarter/ more experienced, so why am I not getting promoted?"

Why are other people around you getting promoted and you're not? According to Career Strategist & Coach Linda Raynier, part of it has to do with how you're managing your personal brand. This means knowing who you are, what you're capable of, and the value you bring no matter what organization you work in.

Unfortunately, there's a common misconception that people believe: Working harder equals promotion. However, that's not the case. Working hard alone, putting your head down, and focusing solely on getting your work done is not enough to get you to the next level. There are a lot of other qualities that you need to develop within yourself before moving up in your career.

1. Help Others

A top performer is not just someone who wants to put their head down and only work on their own tasks but is always willing to help those around them. If there's ever an opportunity to help, a top performer is willing and ready to do that, knowing what tasks are a priority and when to say no.

2. Know the Difference Between Being 'Serious' vs. 'Professional'

Being a solid performer who wants to work and get everything done is excellent. However, it would be best not to avoid friendly interactions between colleagues. Even if it seems like a time-waster, try to minimize that interaction as much as possible without altogether avoiding it.

3. Be Flexible and Eager

When someone gives you a task, learn to identify your highest priorities. If you know how to be transparent about your priorities and communicate it in a way where the other person that's asking you to work on something doesn't feel like they're outright refused, you'll be closer to getting that promotion.

4. Execute More Than You Talk

Hard work doesn't mean automatic promotion. However, it's still a critical ingredient that will help you enhance your promotion chances. Proof yourself and demonstrate your value to the team by being efficient.


5. Only Say What Needs To Be Said

Even though top performers execute more than they speak, they're not mute and know when to talk and the right time and place to do it. For example, instead of speaking first in a meeting, listen to everyone's opinion and then give complete feedback.

6. Get Your Work Done Before Deadline

The mindset of an employee that likes to differentiate themselves is simple: Get your work done as efficiently as possible. Unlike the average performer, they're not pressured by the deadline. Instead, they're driven by the intention to deliver high-quality work as quickly as they can.

7. Avoid Office Gossip

People who gossip in offices seem to think nobody knows they are doing it. But in most companies, people know who the significant gossipers are. Avoid that group and don't get involved in any drama.

8. Constantly Train and Update Your Knowledge and Skills

If you stick with what you know, it will be tough to move forward in your career. On the other hand, if you are willing to learn new skills and advance your knowledge in any way, you'll be able to make a good impression and be considered for a higher position.

Remember: The best way to stand out at work is by getting along with everyone, knowing how to work in a team, and making an effort to improve your skills.

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