Simone Biles Becomes the Best Athlete in 2021

Simone Biles Becomes the Best Athlete in 2021

Sport has been a tool for some women to grow professionally and emotionally. The Woman Post introduces you to Simone Biles the incredible gymnast with the most medals in the world.

Sport has been a tool for some women to grow professionally and emotionally. The Woman Post introduces you to Simone Biles the incredible gymnast with the most medals in the world.

The female gender has had to overcome many barriers and countless gaps in the world of sports. However, interest in women's participation continues to grow, thanks to the impetus given to it for equal development.

A recent study by Lluisa Sauleda, published in the Journal of Psychology and Related Sciences Interdisciplinary, revealed the current gender gap in sport with a typical case of historical marginalization. The data collected unfortunately show that the gap has not been closed and masculinized sports spaces will continue to persist. The findings indicate that girls and women have fewer opportunities and support at the professional level than men. However, it is essential to raise awareness and make visible the importance of leaving women aside in the field of sports.

But, on the contrary, for Simone Biles, the ability to face difficult situations or the tenacity she has to achieve her goals has been reflected throughout her life. The gymnast with great fortitude has managed to obtain medals and titles of the champion, despite the abrupt personal life she has led.

The Trajectory of a Woman With Commitment and Character

In 2013 Simone Biles won 2 gold medals at the World Championships with only 16 years, just at that time her life took a turn and became the most famous woman in the sport. From that year on, he progressively included other gold medals in his Curriculum Vitae. In addition, he established mastery over gymnastics, with a great capacity in athletics and unparalleled strength.

Simone Biles has been world champion 5 times on the floor, in another 10 opportunities in balance beam and 2 times in horse jumping. In addition, she has 19 world champion titles and 25 medals acquired in various championships. This great athlete with only 24 years of age won the bronze medal on the balance beam of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, with a drastic improvement in her technique.


In 2021, the incredible American won another 2 medals at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, to increase her great effort to a total of 7 medals. The bronze medal was a gift to the entire hard situation faced by the leader of the sport due to the loss of figure. According to experts, it is a phenomenon in which the athlete is lost referentially in the air, leading her to cause a serious accident. These actions have led the gymnast to become an advocate for the mental health of other women going through the same conditions.

The Future That Awaits a Great Gymnast for Constant Discipline

The skill possessed by the great athlete is undoubtedly one of the best; she has even executed movements and combinations of high difficulties, such as Galle Vault with a rating of 6.4. In addition, she boarded a descent movement of the balance beam, where she lands with 2 somersaults and another descent on the beam, which at the same time involves 2 extra laps. This movement is known as the Biles and its score is H. Another famous move is her landing which she performed at the 2013 World Cup. And finally, Biles 2 executed it at the 2019 U.S. Gymnastics Championships, with a rating of J.

Biles has the alternative of breaking other records at the Olympic Games by 2021. One of those records is swimmer Jenny Thompson who has won 8 gold medals so far and gymnast Larisa Latýnina with 9 medals. Simone Biles with her order and technique will seek to break barriers that have created all women and will be the best reference of all time in the sport.

In short, reaching her position will be very complicated for the entire female gymnast gender at a professional level. Simone Biles with her brilliant performance and qualification has become number one in her discipline.

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