Alone Time: The Secret of Happy Couples

Alone Time: The Secret of Happy Couples

It's not only normal but incredibly healthy and essential for any happy relationship to want alone time.

It's not only normal but incredibly healthy and essential for any happy relationship to want alone time.

It's incredibly important that partners have their own lives outside of the relationship. They need to have their own friends, hobbies, interests, dreams, goals, etc. You can adore them and care for them. But having your partner around all the time isn't healthy. Relationships Coach Grace Alice says that reassuring your partner that you love them to bits, but spending so much time together is not good for the relationship is the first step. As the expert points out, "space will make you appreciate the time you have together a lot more, and you will bring a lot more to the table."

When discussing space, experts don't refer to splitting up or taking a break; that's something different. This is about personal, emotional, mental, and even physical space.

According to Kristin Coaching, independence and autonomy are the keys to having a healthy and wholesome relationship with your partner. On top of that, knowing that we are accomplishing things on our own and constantly working on our self-growth will help us understand the importance of the art of being alone together.

There are a lot of benefits to giving space to each other, like fulfilling goals, having independence, and growing as individuals. It also brings positive things to the relationship. For example, it really can increase the sense of appreciation. You'll appreciate each other more when you come back together because you missed each other and value your relationship.

The second benefit is that giving each other space reduces the bickering. If you are together 24/7 and you're not having any particular time alone or goals for yourself, you'll be butting heads and come into a place where you'll get on each other's nerves. This scenario happens with anybody because this isn't just an intimate relationship issue. As Kristin Coaching says, "being around one person for a long period of time can get annoying."


Giving space in a relationship increases your ability to make decisions on your own, and that's really good because you don't need to worry all the time about what your partner is going to say if you take a specific decision. Sometimes, being on your own and just making decisions can be positive. Acting this way will encourage you to keep being strong and independent. Of course, if you are going to make decisions that will impact the relationship in a significant way, it's essential to share your thoughts with your partner. However, there are many decisions that you can make on your own that don't require your other half to be there.

Space, in general, will increase your self-care time because you're going to be getting that alone time to do what you want to do, whether it's hanging out with friends, doing your hobby, going to a yoga class, or learning new things. Make sure to take that time to make something that will make you feel good, happy, and enjoyable.

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