The Role of Lebanese Women Related to Climate Change

The Role of Lebanese Women Related to Climate Change

Several Lebanese women demonstrate that a simple intention can achieve great things, such as improving living conditions through environmental care.

Several Lebanese women demonstrate that a simple intention can achieve great things, such as improving living conditions through environmental care.

Climate change is a reality that many people ignore, even though its consequences are more than evident today. However, some persons are looking for ways to promote and encourage environmental care through initiatives, campaigns, companies, organizations, and so on.

Several Lebanese women have set themselves the task of creating strategies that help the environment while putting them into action and the social problems that the neglect of the above causes. For example, the tons of plastic, polluting energy sources, and the limit on energy use.

Lebanon has had several problems related to the issue of pollution. For example, the accumulation of garbage. According to data provided by the World Bank on waste in the area, it is estimated that by the year 2050, waste production will reach a figure of more than 250 tons of garbage per year by the World Bank on waste in the area. Another worrying issue has been the forest wildfires that have increased since 2019, thus compromising thousands of hectares of woodland in the territory.

Greener Places

As a result of these problems and many more, several women have taken on the task of being leaders, promoting environmental care, and creating solutions to the issues that have hit the population the hardest. "Our environment is our life. Pollution leads to diseases and the spread of viruses that will endanger our health. We can take the right steps to keep our communities clean," says Aida Ghadban, a Palestinian refugee. She has succeeded in getting hundreds of refugee and Al Rashidieh camp women to grow their own vegetables through rooftop gardens. This is to create greener and fresher places, but above all, to give back confidence to many women.

Sustainable Energy

Carol Ayat, an energy finance professional, is betting on obtaining green energy because one of the biggest problems this country has faced is the energy shortage due to the lack of fuels such as diesel and gasoline. As a result, the territory has suffered a case of energy poverty and has had to depend on private suppliers. This, during a fall in its currency. The sustainable strategy seeks to achieve energy security "is fundamental for any country to become more independent of energy from foreign countries," Ayat said.

Reforestation and the Role of Women

"Forestry can be a woman's job," says Maya Nehme, Director of Lebanese Reforestation Initiative. Reforestation has been a pressing issue thanks to the number of forest fires the country has witnessed since 2019. However, this is a struggle not only for men, and Maya's NGO clarifies this, as this one is aimed at women. Thanks to this, not only does it recover vegetation through campaigns to save forests, but it helps rewrite the role of women in society.


The Planet Needs Young People

Unfortunately, the older generations are not fully convinced to help repair what they ignored for years. Instead, more young people are now joining the initiative to get involved in environmental protection, such as rivers, seas, animals, forests, etc. One such example is Nouhad Awwad, founder of Arab Youth Climate Change and Greenpeace MENA activist. She has been engaging young people through all these organizations to recognize that there is a problem and, as a result, take the initiative to make a mark in helping and preventing pollution and climate change from aggravating. This is through campaigns in different regions and localities because no matter how small the intention is, the impact will be more significant if many people join the petition. "Young children are very enthusiastic about finding solutions to climate change and tackling the pollution problem," mentioned Awwad.

These Lebanese women are a great example of self-improvement, commitment, concern, and responsibility. The role of women in the world has taken more strength, more recognition, and has known how to deny that certain things are not made for this gender. However, the struggle and the recovery of planet earth is not only for men or only for women; it is for the whole world since the planet is on alert more than ever.

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