María Pía Zambrano: We Are Perfectly Imperfect

María Pía Zambrano: We Are Perfectly Imperfect

María Pía Zambrano is the executive president of Laboratorios Windsor, a company with more than 50 years of presence in the Ecuadorian market. 

María Pía Zambrano is the executive president of Laboratorios Windsor, a company with more than 50 years of presence in the Ecuadorian market. 

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She is the mother of teenagers María Pía and Juan Diego, and she is married to a great man who supports her. She spends two hours a day in the gym. She likes to cook with her family and enjoy the sea. As a high-end woman and businesswoman, she believes in people, in true friends, and that dreams come true if we fight for them.

María Pía Zambrano is the executive president of Laboratorios Windsor, a company with more than 50 years of presence in the Ecuadorian market. She is an audiovisual communicator specializing in television and film, but she was caught up in the corporate issue in strategic sectors. She is a specialist in crisis in organizations and is in charge of 300 employees: "I feel proud to be part of a percentage of just 10% of women leaders who make big corporate decisions in Ecuador."

More than two decades of experience in scenarios that have nurtured her as a corporate head in public and private organizations led her to understand that "leaders are remembered for their way of being positive, for their good treatment of people. People always remember those who treat their customers well, show humanity, focus on service, and show commitment and unconditional loyalty. Anyone who doesn't understand this message shouldn't be a boss". This is the message she has as a flag in her daily work and social networks, where she periodically generates content.

Perfectly Imperfect Women

María Pía describes herself to the four winds as an imperfect woman, a strategic definition that leaves others without arguments to criticize her. And based on this total imperfection of human beings, she decided to create her own brand to support her gender, Pía Inspiración: "I have seen in many companies that women are not involved in decision-making, that there is the famous disastrous glass ceiling that limits their development. For some reason, they do not earn the same salaries as men, and I have realized that there are gaps in the presence of women in technology, for example."

Her idea of ​​the strong presence of women in companies does not go through emulating men. She proposes to "transform yourself and the members of your work team into leaders with their own characteristics; it is what I call a leadership transformational."

As an imperfect woman, María Pía Zambrano recognizes herself in her gender and loves her feminine essence. She is vain, takes care of herself mentally and physically, and loves details: "Recognizing myself in my essence as a woman has taken me to high positions. I have achieved balance and recognition, but I have done it for the husband and family that I have, and a wonderful work team made up of men and women".


There would be no societies without women's contribution and active presence, and that is why Zambrano describes them as members who "must be valued for their intuition, their intellect and recognized for their natural conditions. Today we live in a wonderful moment where technology allows us to meet and inform each other. That is why I permanently contribute content on social networks and show what I think against labeling, ignoring true talents, and pigeonholing people because if we continue like this, what will happen to women in the future?"


Pía Inspiración is the place that María Pía Zambrano created for imperfect women who have small or big dreams and dare to fight for them: "It is a space for those who are entrepreneurs or want to be one, a place where they find motivating messages that move them to study and prepare. We also include consultancies for those companies that want to put their corporate social responsibility into practice not just to take the photo, but to really put it into practice".

Pía Inspiración provides advice and promotes a corporate culture of equity: "Now we are on television, through a weekly segment on the Gamavisión television channel on Wednesdays at 9 pm, Ecuadorian time. We touch on serious topics such as the people behind high positions, the example that a leader should give, the loyalty of collaborators, and the importance of discipline to achieve success and achieve goals". In #PíaInspiración María Pía Zambrano gives a voice to her compatriots, businesswomen from Ecuador and Latin America. She is definitely a great woman who inspires others to believe in themselves.

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