Emerging Digital Communities Created by Women

Emerging Digital Communities Created by Women

Technology, science, and digitalization bring women together to create their space safely, focusing on growth, development, and innovation.

Technology, science, and digitalization bring women together to create their space safely, focusing on growth, development, and innovation.

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A study called "Influential Data Trends in 2022" conducted by Ana Alonso Muñumer, General Manager Southern Europe Tableau, and published by Tableau – Data Trends 2022 revealed that in the last two years it was learned that women can quickly transform the business for their survival. The data collected in the analysis suggests that transformations in the way we live, interact, communicate and work forced people to convert and invest in the digital world. The report's findings were based on artificial intelligence, data ethics, workforce development, flexible governance, and data equity.

Vidya Setlur, Director of Research at Tableau, suggests that AI solutions will be more successful in reducing friction and helping to solve specific business problems. In addition, he considers that there is currently a golden age of data and technology. That is why the context of 2022 generates new opportunities as innovation accelerates.

Mark Nelson, President, and CEO of Tableau believe responsible organizations will proactively create ethical use policies, and review combs, and other resources to optimize business experiences and outcomes. Likewise, it suggests that trust and transparency are the keys to innovation, growth, and the link with future customers.

Wendy Turner-Williams, Tableau's Chief Data Officer, proposes that to succeed in the future of work, organizations must broaden their definition of data literacy, invest in women, and duplicate initiatives related to data culture. However, he believes that it is not just offering training in data skills and tools. Recognize that competitive organizations must prepare the workforce for the future.

Kate Wright, Senior Vice President of Product Development at Tableau says recognizing the strategic value of data drives flexible, unified governance techniques that empower everyone in the organization. The leader suggests focusing on more inclusive data to stay competitive and comply with regulations.

Nela Myrick, Global Head of Tableau, reveals that data equity will emerge to optimize dialogue between people and institutions. For the expert, data becomes the means to increase the visibility of people and organizations. In this way, they understand their problems and interact with the institutions that meet their requirements.

Digital transformation with a female approach

Another study called "Transformation with the digital sense" carried out by Beatriz Carmona and Francisco Escudero and published by EY in 2021 revealed that 70% of digital transformations fail. The data collected indicate that approximately 670 leaders from Latin America were interviewed and marked a positive acceleration in digital strategy. The experts generated research to activate new design platforms with experiences of work interactions between customers and users. 44% of companies indicate a digital transformation as the first item on their agenda.

Beatriz Carmona, Leader of Technology Consulting EY Latin America North, believes that the digital maturity of a company is simply the balance of several factors that are required to ensure the success of the digital transformation of the business and guarantee a sense of belonging.

Endeavor: Women, who look, understand, and design

Consuelo, Denise, and Romina, co-founders of Endeavor, are women who face a great challenge in terms of personal growth because there are platforms focused on tracking and measuring habits that emphasize well-being and are also communities exclusively of women. The values offered by the company are the result of who we are, among these responsibilities, are curiosity, and empathy.

Digital Market: indigenous women's enterprises

This digital community brings together the products and services of 30 indigenous women who belong to the Diaguitas, Aymaras, Likanantay, Mapuche, and Quechua peoples. This group managed to bring together 250 indigenous women where they receive tools, training, and training to potentiate their ventures.


Black Girl Gamers: LGBTQIA+ platform for black women's voices in video games

Jay-Ann Lopez, CEO, and founder of Black Girl Gamers, a safe online space that increases the visibility of black women in gambling and is committed to diversity and inclusion. The initiative has more than 6,000 women who organize events to improve the dominant gambling culture.

In short, these communities of women are driven by the desire to fight and strive for a better world. All house a safe space and include purposes on their platforms to foster diverse interests through events and workshops.


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