Legal abortion in Argentina and other political news this week

Legal abortion in Argentina and other political news this week

Start the weekend well informed with the most important political and economic events in Latin America and the world

Start the weekend well informed with the most important political and economic events in Latin America and the world .

Argentine Senate approves abortion

Argentina becomes the third country in Latin America (after Cuba and Uruguay) to completely decriminalize abortion until the 14th week of gestation. This law had already been approved in the House of Representatives and was only missing approval in the Senate. This last step was achieved this week with an overwhelming majority (38 senators in favor, 29 against and a single abstention), Congress approved the historic law.

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From January 1, the post-Brexit era begins

After years of negotiation and constant fears of a hard Brexit, the United Kingdom, and the European Union finally agreed on the terms of separation.

The new pact that will govern relations between the island and the mainland was approved "in extremis" by both parties on Christmas Eve. According to RTVE, "the agreement not only covers trade in goods and services but also a wide range of other areas of interest to the EU, such as competition, fishing, air and road transport or energy and sustainability"

Bolivia returns to elections

After electing its new president, the Andean country will return to the polls in March to vote for local leaders and their respective assemblies. In these elections, the participation of former interim president Jeanine Áñez and the ultra-conservative Fernando Camacho stands out. Áñez aspires to be governor of the Beni region, while Camacho wants the prosperous Santa Cruz region.

About 20,000 people are competing for 5,000 positions, including mayors, councilors, deputies and governors.

Northern Triangle signs migration agreements with the US

El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras sign, less than a month after the change of administration in the United States, the agreement that allows the return to those countries of migrants who cross their territories to reach the United States and request asylum.

"The Department of Homeland Security uses every tool at its disposal to mitigate the humanitarian and security crisis at the border," Acting Secretary of Homeland Security (HLS) Chad Wolf said in a statement.

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