The most awaited video games for 2021

The most awaited video games for 2021

This year has a very interesting list of titles wanted by the gamer community. Let's review the most important

This year has a very interesting list of titles wanted by the gamer community. Let's review the most important ones .

2021 is already here … and the gaming community is waiting impatiently. This is the year where several titles of the new generation of consoles will be released: the Xbox Series X and the PlayStation 5. However, other variants, such as the Nintendo Switch or the PC, will also have titles expected by the fans.

Precisely, 2020 was a great year for video games, due to a sales record that an IDC report estimates reached 179.7 billion dollars . Against this background, it is clear that companies will bet so that the next stage is even more successful than this one. Therefore, we decided to see which are the most anticipated games of 2021.

Hogwarts legacy

One of the most unexpected announcements, but also one of those that generate the most expectation in Harry Potter fans. The JK Rowling saga, despite having different adaptations to video games, always seemed to be missing one thing: an open world title that allows you to explore the most iconic places in books and movies.

In charge of Warner Bros, you can create a fully customizable character, with magic classes, house systems and a system of territory explorations that will immediately remind us of the movies . You will be able to interact with all the NPCs, while the story would take place years before the events of the original work.

Far Cry 6

When reviewing the trailer we can find a graphic spectacular that makes us doubt whether it is not a movie. However, it is a game that will star the actor Giancarlo Esposito, where the story of a dictator named Anton Castillo , who rules an island nation of Yara , will be told .

That is to say, political fights will take place, where the players will have to take the role of a resistance fighter, known as Dani Rojas , while the propaganda will seek to subdue the dictatorial regime. The historical context will be current, although the city, being "frozen in time", will have a seventies style.

God of War: Ragnarok

The God of War saga had ended with the third serie, after Kratos had finished with all the Greek gods. However, its fourth, which also functions as a reboot of the saga, transported us to a Nordic territory and a game system far from the previous frenzy … although with surprising results.

Precisely, in HobbyConsolas they indicated that the story and the setting are really deep, so it was logical that they think of a continuation, especially after the shocking ending. Thus, while there are not too many details about this second installment, we know that it will be about Ragnarok: an event similar to the end of the world. Will it be the last of the franchise?

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Resident Evill Village

The eighth version of an emblematic franchise , which will seek to return to its best moments and make fans fall in love. Well, in this new game they will return to the basics and a “new Nemesis” will appear, which will be a creature inspired by the folklore of northern Europe, with a huge hammer and that will make the players feel terror .

This will come hand in hand with a grayish and muted tone, with influences of gothic horror and all inspired by an icy town, with details of Northern Europe. The return of the zombies would also be guaranteed , although the werewolves would not disappear, who would constantly chase the main characters. Terror is the protagonist again!

Gotham knights

Lastly, the world of superheroes also has great titles. In this case , the young DC heroes will offer an open world RPG where, after the apparent death of Batman, the villains of this iconic city will have to be fought, although it will not be a continuation of the Arkham series.

The idea is that each of the superheroes (Batgirl, Nightwing, Robin and Red Hood) can have completely different styles . At the same time, it can be played alone or in two-player cooperative mode, combining the styles of the heroes, based on the appearance they presented in the comics.

As we can see, 2021 seems to be a great year for video games, especially with the arrival of these titles that could revolutionize the market. We hope they meet expectations!

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