Así Comenzó Nuestro Olvido, Book by Trudy Jordan

Así Comenzó Nuestro Olvido, Book by Trudy Jordan

The story used to be told from the male voice, traditional and cultural memories were deprived of being told by female voices for many years and even more so from literature.

Today history is being rewritten thanks to voices like Trudy Jordan, a Colombian author living in Mexico and also an architect, who recently launched her novel Así comenzó nuestro olvido

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The novel is full of images that speak of Mina's past, the main caracter who is forced to return to her hometown after the death of her mother and who begins to realize that her life has been marked by the silence that the women around her when men spoke and for the trace of first love.

Although it might seem like an autobiographical work, This is how our Así comenzó nuestro olvido began is a fictional book that collects smells, sounds, and sensations. The music of a generation that today are parents or grandparents, traditional foods, and regional and autochthonous Colombia culture. But also catastrophic events such as the earthquake in Mexico in 1985, the taking of the Palace of Justice, the tragedy of Armero, historical events that marked Colombia at the time of Pablo Escobar and the bombs, the creation of the guerrilla and the presence of drug trafficking. –An entire generation that believed in a political hope such as the Latin American leftist movement, young people inspired by the Cuban Trova, and art.

All this is in the midst of a description of a patriarchal-macho society that has always been governed by dominant men who think they are wise. And the description of that extensive wound in which women continually seek approval and appreciation from precisely these men to make a place for themselves in the professional and personal world.

Amid this landscape, Trudy makes visible those women who, in turn, have played a supporting role for many other women who, throughout history, have been vital for the female experience and for overcoming both internal and external conflicts. like in war.

Trudy Jordan also completed a Master's Degree in the Restoration of Historical Monuments at the School of Restoration of the INBA (National Institute of Fine Arts of Mexico). She returned to Colombia and worked at Colcultura, among other professional activities, and she settled in Mexico in 1998.

And previously she published a compilation of stories entitled "Clandestine Actors" in the anthology "Tales of Love and Desire" (2016), "They are stories but they exist" in the anthology "Tales in the Cemetery" (2017), and "The best dialogue" in the anthology "Tales of friends" (2019).

“We believe because that's what society sold us, that a single traumatic event changes your life. Today I can affirm that the succession of small events that affect routine and mood is worse because they are like a drop of water that constantly falls on a rock and is capable of cutting, opening furrows, and disintegrating slowly and without anyone noticing. , integrity with subtlety.” Describes Trudy in the novel about her.

Trudy can be found at @trudyjordanescribe The book is now available in bookstores and on some digital platforms. Congratulations to @calixtaeditores

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