LIT Women Club Is Born

LIT Women Club Is Born

Listening to Carolina Angarita and Betlem Gomila at their LIT Women Club launch session on January 25

Their stories are so similar in many aspects of their lives, I believe this organization will answer the concerns that many women have in the world.

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And it is that LIT means LIBERTAD, IMPACTO, Y TRANSFORMACIÓN de vidas. His message is clear, who of us does not yearn to feel free to make decisions and pursue our purpose, we have wanted to impact with our actions in the family, work, and friendship environments, and suddenly we have tried to transform and transmit our experiences and we have not known how to do it.

The questions about the true identity, the real path that these founders of LIT have had and once they were raised, came the fears, facing trials and confrontations with the path that had been traveled for many years. That was how they decided to work on them inside and thus structure their brand, products, dreams, and illusions to make them tangible and powerful.

Unlocking what they have imposed on us, the image they have asked us to project, the silences that force us to obscure what truly is our inner calling, is the most challenging part, but it is the only path that will lead you to discover yourself and strengthen your potential.

Aspects such as social position, roles and economic benefits are points that will make you doubt if you will be able to renounce these imposed models and what they have made you believe that they give you value, but once you dare to leap, you will they open all the options as if by “magic art”.

You will face criticism, judgments, and opinions that will make you doubt, and you will probably think about suspending this process. That is why the method that Carolina and Betlem have structured, has five steps that will allow you to put together an action plan to make everything you have planned and dreamed come true.

But you won’t be able to do it alone. It is key to link to collective learning, and belonging to a community, the greater the impact and the goals of being able to transform lives will be a fact.

Those who join will be able to receive the invaluable knowledge and strategies of international mentors who will lead master class sessions according to their expertise and who are renowned thanks to their trajectory. Topics like monetization, mindfulness, business strategy, inner healing, and many more.

LIT women club offers a kit for those who register and different modalities to belong to this community.


This call is for women who feel the need to obtain accompaniment and guidance to pursue the call from within and who eagerly want to achieve a definitive change in their lives to improve, to feel full and fulfilled.

In summary, this organization extends its hand to offer you radical changes, answers to your questions, paths to move forward with the values that interest you, and what fills you as a person and that will replace the sense of emptiness and discontent that you may currently have.

At The Woman Post, we intend to publicize the proposals of these women who sincerely and with the best intention wish to provide valuable elements that have allowed them to reach their current fullness.

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