The Best YouTube Talks About Mental Health

The Best YouTube Talks About Mental Health

We do not know for sure the dangers of accelerated technological change, the ways of relating and working mode which has harmed our minds.

What is certain is that the disease sometimes brings its cures, always being clear that it is good in its healthy measure. I am referring to YouTube channels and forums for talks, conferences, and even therapeutic sessions with the best psychologists from around the world.

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Today in The Woman Post we will review these three:

1. Esther Perel

One of the most consulted topics on the internet is about breakups or couple conflicts, and how to solve them. Is what happens in my relationship normal? and another series of questions which is why psychologists from all over the world have taken to the internet to talk about transcendental issues, as in the case of this psychologist Esther Perel; who is one of the most sought-after for topics such as infidelity and who has also become famous on the internet. Erotic Intelligence A talk titled The Secret of Desire in a Long-Term Relationship that he gave in February 2013 received over 11 million views on the internet as of February 2018.4 A talk titled Rethinking Infidelity that he gave in March 2015 has received more than 9 million views

2. W. Keith Campbell, Ph.D.

He is a worldly famous expert on narcissism. Campbell is an American social psychologist who has explained what this is. He is a professor in the Department of Psychology at the University of Georgia's Franklin College of Arts and Sciences.

Narcissism is right now one of the most famous topics in Tik Tok a Platform that not only gained strength in a pandemic but also in which you can find millions of different topics as people in the world. Where you can meet Good experts but also influencers or opportunists.

3. Silvia Congost

Congost is one of these psychologists who knew how to take advantage of the rise and possibilities of the internet to help other people. Telling her personal experience, she has become world famous for talking about toxic relationships  that has gained followers day per day.

Congost with simple and close language warns and explains the signs of these links that stop being healthy to become toxic. Traits that we can all have and are also linked to our deep fears.

Although it is true, these accounts and channels will never exceed the experience and processes that therapy with a psychology professional entails, if it is a help for many people who do not have the resources or who are closed in some way to these terms, or for whom mental illness is still taboo

However, and as I warned at the beginning of this article, it seems important to me to find out from whom we are receiving information, topics that in many cases is complex and leads to another series of lessons that perhaps in the minute-a-half format of tik tok are being addressed very briefly.

We recommend seeing full conferences and consulting first with the specialists about this type of information that in some cases can be vital or harmful.

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