Opinion: Is the Decline of the Grammy Awards Approaching?

Opinion: Is the Decline of the Grammy Awards Approaching?

Events that were once so successful in the film and music industry have lost the public's interest and have had to change their strategies

Events like the Oscars, Golden Globes, and Grammy Awards had their golden age, when audiences of all ages would watch, post their favorites and bet with their friends, groups, and acquaintances on who the winners would be.

But there has been a noticeable loss of interest from the public, and at the recent Grammy Awards, the organizers have resorted to a new and interesting strategy, which presented meetings of some fans on screen, while the event was taking place, commenting and discussing the different categories, to seek a rapprochement with those who would be following the presentation and generating interaction in networks.

And it is that these transmissions are no longer the only way to access the details and previous actions that can denote who will be the winners of the various awards. In conversation with The Woman Post with a critical industry expert, the ease of access to multiple channels, and the diversity of content that analyze and raise what is happening around the industry, make the audience prefer to have multiple options to generate an opinion and not only what the event wants to present.

The digitalization of information, and the possibility of creating content through different media, have opened different bridges that allow followers to express their opinions, write, react, and interact; as long as what they find is of interest to them and has sources of opinion and valuable analysis. On the other hand, they can also generate their content by finding followers and, as they get more likes, they can become influencers in different media and industries.

Another factor that has affected the monitoring of these awards has been that the lobby they represent, the favoring of interests, and to some extent the economic bias affecting the decisions of the juries has been revealed, which has undoubtedly generated disappointment and questions about the veracity and reliability of the aspects to be taken into account when awarding prizes and awards. That is the lack of authenticity, which is a predominant value for all generations.

Some artists have stated that they are not interested in submitting their works to these awards, such as The Wkend to the Grammys, and base their argument on the clear presence of racism and corruption.

There are artists like Katy Perry, who has been in music for 13 years, with great success, and has won awards such as the Billboard, MTV music awards, and the American Music Awards, but despite having several nominations, she has not been awarded any Grammy. In an interview for Variety magazine, she stated: “I’ve been nominated 13 times and, to be honest, I always go by the numbers and they don’t lie. And I’m fine with that”. Everybody has an opinion and that’s wonderful, but numbers are numbers. Mathematics is sacred. And according to this, this artist is not affected by this situation.

The American guitarist Pat Metheny, the winner of 20 Grammys, has affirmed that he is not interested in awards, he is only dedicated to his musical productions.

In an interview with Efe, he assured “Making music and understanding it is my big prize; if I lock myself in a room to play, I don’t even need someone to listen to it to feel good.”

Thus, several artists have already expressed their disinterest in the awards because in this industry, as in the film industry, commercial interests have prevailed, the search for broadcasting guidelines and the multiple options to access information has undoubtedly caused the loss of audience since for these admirers of artists and genres, the most important thing is quality.

And so we see a bleak future for this activity. The idea of these Grammys to involve the fans as in a debate table could be something equally arranged and scripted, quite far from spontaneity or allowing free opinions or with a character of real or divergent criticism to the interests and economic agreements of the promoters.

And the most interesting thing is how we can decide whether or not to follow them if we allow ourselves to be carried away by these alienating messages and if we will continue to allow the real gems of the music, film, and entertainment industry to decay. What do you think about it? Leave us your comments in the article or the networks of The Woman Post!

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