Is the Success of Olaplex Due Only to the Influencers and Celebrities?

Is the Success of Olaplex Due Only to the Influencers and Celebrities?

This time we will talk about Olaplex, the hair treatment that has revolutionized the networks because the opinions of influencers and celebrities recommend it.

It is amazing how social networks can generate a boom that catapults sales since Olaplex has produced more than 1,300 million results on TikTok, which gives an idea of its popularity.

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All the information that arrives through the networks is mandatory verification and truthfulness since the manufacturers may move their interests to use their followers to penetrate the market with economic retribution to these influencers. Finally, this is the business of those who are dedicated to this activity.

How true is the proven success of Olaplex?

It was developed and released in 2019 by world-famous chemists, Dr. Eric Pressly and Dr. Craig Hawker, in response to the needs for the consequences of exposure to so many chemicals to which the hair is subjected, appearing signs of mistreatment, damage from wicking, balayage, permanents, bleaching, tonics and other coloring systems and even keratin, generating an unwanted appearance, for which consumers seek treatments that help their recovery. According to the information that has been disseminated in networks, Olaplex, whose main component is ‘bis-aminopropyl diglycol maleate, is free of silicones, oils, sulfates, DEA, or aldehydes and they do not test on animals. And the most promising thing is that its effects are advertised as permanent, that is, once the treatment ends, the hair will remain with all the benefits advertised.

An interesting offer that attracts attention is that in addition to its cosmetic benefits, it emphasizes these characteristics:

* Sulfate free

* No parabens or phthalates

* Vegan and cruelty-free

In such a way that they easily reach new generations, once they include aspects such as animal abuse and environmental impact. And counting on a group of AMBASSADORS OF THE BRAND, of the caliber of Jimmy Paul, and Laurent Philippon, who has worked on the covers of Vogue and Samantha Cusick, train thousands of professionals in the use and application of the brand, which indisputably drives Olaplex products have reached incredible figures. To these names, we can add Brittany Banda, a famous stylist, and Shannon Combs and Donna Hoggs, Chad Kenyon, who manage the image of personalities like Kim Kardashian and Kaley Cuoco, star of the series The Big Bang Theory, as well as Ashey Tisdale.

Curiosity aroused?

If you do not know the entire line, we list them here, as they are complementary products, which are combined, which enhance their results and which, in the end, result in you marrying their line, since they market the combination between specialists and the possibility of using them at home.

Olaplex 1 and 2 It is the iconic treatment of the brand and with which it revolutionized the world of hairdressing and hair care. Repairs rebuild and strengthen hair that is very damaged and broken by chemicals and heat tools.

Olaplex 3: it is the maintenance of the treatment, it helps to enhance and sustain the benefits of steps 1 and 2

Olaplex 0: is a treatment inspired by steps 1 and 2 and is applied before 3. If you have very damaged and broken hair, they recommend steps 1 and 2, if it is slightly damaged or to keep it healthy, step 0.

Olaplex 4: it is the brand’s shampoo, it hydrates, strengthens, and repairs.

Olaplex 5: it is the brand’s conditioner, it untangles, softens, strengthens, and repairs.

Olaplex 6: it is a cream without rinsing that mainly reduces frizz, in addition, it facilitates combing, softens, strengthens, hydrates, and repairs.

Olaplex 7: is a light oil that provides a luminosity and thermal protection. In addition, it softens, hydrates, and repairs the hair.

Olaplex 8: the brand’s latest launch is an ultra-hydrating mask that repairs, softens, strengthens, and adds body to damaged hair.

What is certain is that the marketing tactic has been very successful and overwhelming. The perfect mix of a product with these characteristics and messages that reach a global audience added to the recommendations of influencers and celebrities ensures many years of continuous and permanent first place among the most named, recognized, and famous products of recent times for hair cosmetics.

And you? Do you get carried away by these recommendations on networks, or do you check before buying and consuming? Let us know your opinions on our website or The Woman Post networks.


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