Elena Sabas and Her Promising Career in a Complex World

Elena Sabas and Her Promising Career in a Complex World

Her given name is Elene Sabashvili. This soprano has been conquering spaces and received awards thanks to her marvelous execution of the assigned roles in international opera titles

Since she was little, her family environment always surrounded her with the love of music. Her mother, a pianist at the Tbilisi Opera, took her to her rehearsals and at the young age of four, when she witnessed the performance of La Traviata, she was fascinated by opera and classical music.

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At the Tbilisi State Music School, she had ballet and piano lessons from a very young age. Over the years, she began to study architecture at the National School of Paris Val de Seine, but the opera call shaped her life, beginning her dedication at a professional level.

At twenty, she entered the State Conservatory, participating in numerous concerts and activities as her student.

Then in 2015, she decided to move to the city of Milan, Italy to take private classes with Gianfranca Ostini and Antonella D'Amico.

She performed for the first time as Brunetta in Marco Taralli's modern play "II castello incantato" in 2018, in the programming of the Teatro Comunale Luciano Pavarotti in Modena and at the Teatro Verdi Trieste.

One of the most challenging roles in the world of opera is playing Aida as the protagonist in the work of the same name, by the composer Giuseppe Verdi, which she performed in 2021, at the Carbonetti Theater in Broni.

In that same year, in September, she was a finalist in the lyrical content of the Capri opera festival "Golden Voice"; and in October she won the international contest “Vincenzo Bellini” in Catania, under the direction of the teacher Fabrizio Maria Carminati and Giuseppe Sabbatini.

In the year 2022, In February, she played the protagonists of other Verdi operas. Like Abigaille in Nabuco in February, and in May, Eleonora in “Troubadour”. In June, she made her debut as Manon in Giacomo Puccini's "Manon Lescaut" at the Tbilisi State Opera and Ballet Theater under the direction of Maestra Gianna Fratta. In July, she made her debut at the Pavia opera festival as Aida in “Aida” by Giuseppe Verdi.

Elena won first prize and the public appreciation prize awarded by the great tenor Fabio Armiliato in the international competition “Ottavio Garaventa” at the Carlo Felice Opera House in Geneva in October, and made her debut in the role of Nedda in “Pagliacci” by Ruggero Leoncavallo, at the Teatro Lírico de Magenta.

This soprano, who speaks Georgian, Italian, French, English, and Russian, has had breakneck growth in her musical career. You can follow her on their web page https://elenasabas.com/

How does an opera singer prepare?

It is not enough to sing, to like it, to want to do it. Being a Bel Canto interpreter is one of the most demanding and complex disciplines that exist since technical and stage skills must be developed which, together with a great and deep passion, will give one the possibility of occupying the most impressive theaters for a singer.

Various competitions set the standard for her career and preparation: the one in Spoleto, -of which Gian Carlo Menotti was its artistic director for a long time, in which apprentices mix with personalities of great experience, in which they exchange thoughts and perspectives, which in the end allow winning a scholarship for residence and studies. Some winners of this contest can be named, such as Bastianini, Corelli, Leo Nucci, Mariella Devia, Anna Moffo, Bonisolli, and Renato Bruson.

AsLiCo is another contest, whose model is interesting since it is not only about measuring the contestants interpreting arias, but the competitors have specific roles, and thus, when they reach the final, they are asked to sing any part of the role, either concertato, duets, or tercets, The prize consists of singing in a circuit of small theaters in Lombardy, and auditions are even offered for singers who do not belong to the European community.

How is the artistic quality of these singers measured? Her vocal capacity is not enough, since a histrionic capacity must be developed, since it is required to be a great actor or actress for the roles she plays, to speak several languages, to have a stage presence, and of course to arouse in the public or the juries a empathize with his interpretation.

This is why, for its complete and successful preparation, it is not enough to have a single tutor, teacher, or coach. If necessary, you should live in the city where the specialist is located that offers you the best and most prepared in a specific area and in this way you can combine all the techniques, skills, and knowledge that structure you integrally to stand out and obtain prominent roles in this world.

Based on Zeffirelli's comment: “I have discovered that the great interpreters such as Callas, Simionato, Domingo, Olivier or Magnani, paid attention to the directors' notes, even if they were novices because the great ones are always willing to learn, observe and assimilate. Of course, it is possible that in the long run, they reject what is given to them, but they never do it in the first instance”, we could apply this approach to various roles in our lives, whether professional, family, cultural or social.

It is key to have an attitude of listening, learning, permanent growth, and dedicating ourselves to doing the best in our environment, to differentiate with our attitudes, with our words, and our exercise of life. What do you think? Leave us your comments on the website of this article on the networks of The Woman Post.

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