Female Talent Shines in Cirque du Soleil

Female Talent Shines in Cirque du Soleil

"Bazzar," a show inspired by the origins of circus arts, highlights the historic role of women in the world of entertainment


Women are talented in many trades. At Cirque du Soleil this is evident in their shows that feature great athletes, acrobats, costume designers, makeup artists, musicians, and singers. "Bazzar", the production that recently opened the Cirque du Soleil tent in Bogotá, exposes female talent both on stage and behind them.

Although for this show, for example, of the 34 artists, 11 are women, the truth is that one of Cirque du Soleil's policies is to have gender parity in general.

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"Bazzar" is the 43rd production in the circus's 39-year history. It is shown as a colorful show filled with music, theater, and acrobatics, in which women have leading roles. It is a proposal that brings a new face of the circus's origins to contemporary times but with the innovative touch characteristic of the Canadian franchise.

The show, which has been on tour since 2018 when it premiered in Mumbai, India, is currently touring South America. Before arriving in Colombia, it was in Santiago de Chile during January and February, and the next city will be Buenos Aires, Argentina, between June and July.

"Bazzar" is inspired by energetic emotion, the collision of colors, and the meeting place of diverse characters such as a master, experts in trapeze, rope, bicycle, and fire. The focus is a Mallakhamb act, a traditional Indian sport in which a gymnast performs aerial yoga postures and wrestling grips in concert with a fixed or hanging vertical wooden pole, a stick, or a hanging rope. Mallakhamb refers to the wrestling stick used in this sport.

In this way, the show, which develops an adventure during 100 minutes, includes the presentations of 34 artists who exhibit strength and technical prowess in acrobatic disciplines such as teeterboard, portage, acrobatic bike, contortion, duo of skates, duo of trapezes, aerial rope, hair suspension, fire manipulation, and slackline, where women shine.

In addition, the arts that inspired the creation of Cirque du Soleil, such as fire breathing and stilt walking, are intentionally spread throughout the show, which is accompanied by a mix of pre-recorded and live music, with a singer and three musicians on stage.

Fun facts:

"Bazzar" has 75 full-time employees in South America, representing 27 different nationalities.

Artists are responsible for their makeup in each show, and this process can take between 40 and 120 minutes, depending on the character.

There are over 34 complete costumes in the wardrobe department, and over 200 components including accessories, wigs, and shoes.

"Bazzar" currently has 75 employees from 27 different countries. They travel with official companions (husbands, wives, boyfriends, girlfriends, and children).

"Bazzar" employs about 150 "cirquadors" (local staff) in customer service roles in each city.

The "Bazzar" tent setup takes 8 days. The dismantling takes 3 days. The show has a total of 80 containers to transport around 1,000 tons of material in South America.

The tent is 19 meters high, 51 meters in diameter, and has 4 masts of 25 meters each. It has a capacity for about 2,600 people.

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