Charles III Coronation: Camilla, the queen who has overcome all adversities

Charles III Coronation: Camilla, the queen who has overcome all adversities

The wife of Charles III has once again unleashed the loves and hates of the British, who today accept her as their new queen

According to the UK's Mirror magazine, a survey of nearly 1,600 British citizens shows that 36% are against calling to the Charles III wife, Camilla Parker "Queen" and prefer her to hold the title of Queen Consort, 16% of those surveyed have no problem calling her "Queen," while the rest believe she should remain the Duchess of Cornualles forever, out of respect for the memory of Lady Di, regardless of whether her husband, Charles III, is crowned king. In any case, Queen Elizabeth II's wish before she died just seven months ago in September 2022 was for Camilla Parker to be called Queen Consort.

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Does love conquer all obstacles?

For the couple made up of Charles III and Camilla Parker, the answer to this question is affirmative. She has been seen as the villain of a story in which Diana, Princess of Wales, was considered the victim, especially when in 1995, she told the world on the BBC's "Panorama" program, "There were three of us in this marriage, so it was a bit crowded." The third person in the triangle was Camilla, of course, who remained in the shadow of the charismatic Lady Di for a long time and endured the criticism that rained down on her.

Many British never forgave Charles III for putting Camilla Parker's name above that of Diana, Princess of Wales, but contrary to predictions that the commoner – because she did not belong to the nobility – would never become queen, this is precisely what is happening.

Camilla, born in 1947, met Prince Charles at a polo match, and apparently, Cupid's arrow was so effective that they maintained a romance in secret for years, demonstrating that love triumphs against adversity, criticism, tragedies, and family dramas.

Charles, the love of her life

Camilla Parker kept her love for Charles III alive in her heart, but her biography seemed not to fit into the life of the heir to the British throne, so she decided to follow her path and married Major Andrew Parker Bowles, with whom she had two children, Laura Lopes, devoted to the arts, and Tom Parker Bowles, a food critic.

The press points out that Camilla supported Charles's decision to marry Diana, Princess of Wales, but it is public knowledge that while they were married, she and the prince kept their relationship hidden for years.

In 1996, Diana and Charles divorced, shaking the foundations of the British monarchy and exacerbating Britons' hatred towards Camilla. The death of the princess loved by all, Lady Di, in a car accident a year later, opened doors and windows to the world for the two silent lovers to show themselves together, openly defying public opinion.

In an interview with Vogue magazine, Camilla Parker said: "I have been judged for so long that you just have to find a way to live with it. Nobody likes to be looked at all the time and criticized. But I think in the end, I overcome it and get on with it."

Very different from Diana

It was very difficult for Camila Parker to earn a place in the royal family, especially because Diana and Charles' sons, Harry and William, refused to accept her, as did Queen Elizabeth II, who took time to allow her to access shared spaces.

Camila has been the woman who supports Charles without taking away his protagonism, unlike Diana of Wales, whose movements were of constant interest to the press while the prince remained eclipsed by a woman who never went unnoticed.

In 2005, in Windsor and in the presence of Queen Elizabeth II, Charles and Camila got married. The woman who had garnered so many adverse criticisms took the place that history gave her.

Those who know her closely describe her as extremely active and fun. She dedicates her time to over 90 charitable organizations and maintains her interests in women's empowerment, literacy, and animal protection.

Camila Parker is not a reflection of fashion like Lady Di was, but rather maintains a discreet image, although it is clear that she adores hats, suits, and dresses in pastel tones. Upon being crowned queen, she inherits a high percentage of the pieces that make up the royal jewelry.

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