“Renaissance World Tour”: Beyoncé returns to the stage with power

“Renaissance World Tour”: Beyoncé returns to the stage with power

With 2 of 41 concerts in the bag, Beyoncé reaffirms her reign in the world of entertainment

With 2 of 41 concerts in the bag, Beyoncé demonstrates her talent and dedication to her live shows.

On May 10, the world once again had the opportunity to see Beyoncé on stage. Almost 5 years after their last concert , Queen B announced their "Renaissance World Tour" to promote their album "Renaissance", with which they showed that they can continue reinventing themselves with more than 17 years of musical career. Tickets sold out so quickly for the first date that the singer opened another date for the first city in which she would perform.

Her last world tour was “On the run II Tour”, in 2016. and in the company of her husband, the rapper Jay-Z. Then, in 2018, she headlined both Coachella weekends and set the bar very high. His presentation was so impressive that today it continues to be a reference for live shows.

This is how “Renaissance World Tour” began

The tour, which was announced on February 1 of this year, began in Stockholm, Sweden, on May 10 (the date for May 11 was also opened). The artist summoned more than 50,000 people from all over the world , including Iceland, Portugal, and even the United States, the country where she will perform in the second part of her tour.

In the entrance row you could see the brilliant outfits of thousands of fans who decided to dress in the most "extra" way to sing to the sound of what, for many, is the best pop singer in the world. This is somewhat curious, since in her latest works the artist has migrated and experimented with different genres, such as hip-hop, R&B, power ballad, rap and even disco/electronic music.

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From the beginning of the presentation, Beyoncé did not stop thanking her fans, always with a smile and dressed in futuristic outfits, iridescent and metallic tones. The first dress in which she went on stage was a metallic jumpsuit with shoulder pads from the haute couture house Alexander McQueen.

She also wore a corseted bodysuit style dress made with tiny silver sequins and a mirror-like circle on her lower chest. This piece was designed by Nicolas Di Felice, creative director of Courrèges. Another of her most prominent costumes was a yellow and black rigid bodysuit with openings in the abdominal area, which was accompanied by a headpiece that simulated the head of a wasp. This is how he made reference to the name that his fans gave him: “Queen B” (queen bee, queen bee in Spanish).

And we can't leave without mentioning the design by Jonathan Anderson, Lowe's creative director. It is a nude jumpsuit with crystal appliqués and embroidery with figures of arms on the chest and legs , which combine perfectly with the long black gloves that she used.

A repertoire of songs that explores his career

The concert consisted of 36 songs that managed to represent the evolution of the artist from Houston, Texas, throughout her career. Obviously, there was a special focus on the songs of "Renaissance". He sang all the 16 songs that make up the album and added other classic songs, such as:

  • “Dangerously in Love”, “Crazy in Love” and “Naughty Girl” from the 2003 album “Dangerously in Love”,

  • “Flaws and all”, “Get Me Bodied” and “Green Light” from the 2006 “B'Day” album.

  • “Sweet Dreams” and “Diva” from the 2008 “I Am… Sasha Fierce” album.

  • “1+1”, “Lift Off”, “I Care”, “Run the World”, “Rather Die Young” and “Love on Top” from the 2011 album “4”.

  • “Rocket” and “Drunk in Love” from the 2013 “Beyoncé” album.

  • “Formation” and “Freedom” from the 2016 album Lemonade.

In addition, he sang "Say My Name", an iconic song from his group Destiny's Child. The show lasted 3 hours.

What caught the most attention

Until this concert, Beyoncé had not used visuals in her live shows. These are usually highlighted by the structures for the stage, but this is the first time that the artist has used visuals to complement the show. However, the structures and even the use of robots that danced with the artist were highlighted again . Without a doubt, it is a show that those who are in the cities through which the tour will pass cannot be missed.

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