Steps to Return to Fitness Life After Childbirth

Steps to Return to Fitness Life After Childbirth

Advice from Alexfitbox for Mothers Who Want to Regain Fitness

Resuming fitness habits is not easy, the body is not the same after experiencing childbirth. There is a process of inflammation that requires adequate time for complete recovery. The body is preparing to nourish the baby, and mothers, especially first-time mothers, can feel overwhelmed by many unfamiliar situations. That is why ancestral wisdom speaks of a process that takes at least 40 days.

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After a few months and once you have internalized the tasks of parenting and feel comfortable enough to resume your fitness life, start gradually. Take your time and follow more efficient routines that make you feel comfortable.

According to Alex Fabián Peña Corredor, a quality of life influencer known as Alexfitbox, mothers cannot neglect their priorities, but it is not an option to forget about their health and the need for daily fitness habits.

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That's why he created the "Estalle" technique, which makes a short amount of exercise efficient for the body's needs and supports the goal of regaining physical fitness.

It is a training system where you work with your body weight, using reference points for a maximum of 50 minutes without repeating exercises. The focus of the training is Functional Boxing, a technique that combines functional and dynamic exercises, leading to good results in terms of definition, reduction, and muscle toning.

"The first thing women should do to resume their fitness habits and physical activity after childbirth is to seek guidance from an expert in functional training. I would recommend bodyweight training because, during pregnancy and breastfeeding, you lose body mass, energy, strength, and muscle tone. You can work with dynamic weights using reference points, do planks, and direct all the tension to the core," he recommended.

Tips for a comprehensive exercise routine:

  1. To adapt, you can start with cycling, jumping rope, bodyweight exercises with movement, or walking on a resistance band, gradually progressing over time.
  2. Work with bands or rubber bands functionally. Tie them around your legs, hold weights in your hands, and walk while making boxing punches. This allows you to work both the lower and upper body with tension. Practice daily for one to two minutes or do 30 to 40 repetitions for three to four sets.
  3. Another option is to work solely with bodyweight exercises without any accessories. Perform targeted exercises such as planks with legs spread apart to work the core. Do this exercise for one to two minutes.
  4. Incorporate stair climbing while holding weights in your hands. Raise and lower your arms at the top and bottom of the stairs. Include 10 to 20 boxing punches. Do 8 to 12 sets or 5 to 10 minutes.
  5. Push-ups. Start on your knees and do four to five sets of 15 to 20 repetitions. Finish with cardio exercises, which can be the same as the starting exercise.

Alexfitbox, who created his technique combining fitness and boxing nearly 20 years ago, has seen its results in many famous influencers, actors, models, entrepreneurs, and singers such as Manuela González, Marilyn Patiño, Carolina Sepúlveda, Carolina Guerra, Hans Martínez, Stefanie Silva, Gaby Espino, Kathe del Castillo, Clarisa Molina, Kimberly Dosramos, Eva Longoria, Estephanie Sigman, Ninel Conde, Ariadna Gutiérrez, among others.

Through his television appearances on CNN and Telemundo, where he has shared his "Estalle" technique, Alexfitbox makes it clear that discipline and consistency make a difference when it comes to achieving a quick return to a fitness habits.

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