Are Beyoncé and Taylor Swift’s Tours The Most Successful In History?

Are Beyoncé and Taylor Swift’s Tours The Most Successful In History?

In LatinAmerican Post we do a quick count for the figures that the tours of these North American artists manage in 2023. How much will be the net profit of the tours of Beyoncé and Taylor Swift?

In  The Woman Post we do a quick count for the figures that the tours of these North American artists manage in 2023. How much will be the net profit of the tours of Beyoncé and Taylor Swift?.

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2023 is half over and some of the musical tours that take place and will take place throughout the year are already a topic of conversation and amazement. According to various experts, "they could be the most successful in history." Different media such as Billboard and Forbes magazine itself have focused on tours such as Taylor Swift and Beyoncé to expose the impact that the music industry has achieved after the pandemic.

In the first case, Taylor Swift, with her tour 'The Eras Tour', could raise a little more than 620 million dollars, according to Billboard. Now, that value could increase exponentially, if one takes into account that some 591 million dollars would be collected only at the ticket office , which added to an estimated income of 87 million from marketing products, would give more or less 678 million dollars.

But this value represents the net income, but not the earnings that Swift would have for the 52 concerts that she will give on this new tour. According to Forbes, the American artist could pocket between 465 and 496 million dollars. This figure is based on the fact that, as David Herlihy, a professor at Northeastern University and coordinator of the music industry program, explained, "Swift has to pay taxes, her team, the rent for the venue and the expenses of the tour (possibly trucks , equipment, musical instruments, etc.). These expenses could range from 20% to 25% of your income.” With all this, almost 500 million dollars is a not inconsiderable profit.

However, this money would be higher in the event that the tickets are charged at an average of 700 dollars (currently they have an average cost of 215 dollars). In that case, the box office alone would collect some 1.9 billion dollars, which, of course, would increase the amount that Taylor Swift would be left with at the end of 'The Eras Tour'.

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Now, if Taylor is breaking records, it looks like Beyoncé will beat those numbers by far According to Vanity Fair magazine , with the 'Renaissance World Tour' the singer could raise more than 750 million dollars , of which, after paying expenses, taxes, the musicians' salaries, among others, some 537 million could be released of dollars. This would surpass the net profit of Taylor Swift.

However, as with the interpreter of 'Love Story', Beyoncé could earn much more, according to Forbes. Taking into account that the 'Queen B' has not toured since 2018, the promoters could inflate the prices a bit based on the high demand that exists for their tickets. In this sense, Forbes assumes that only at the box office, the 'Renaissance World Tour' could raise about 2,400 million dollars. In this way it would become the most successful musical tour (in economic terms) of 2023.

Is 'Renaissance World Tour' the most successful tour of all time?

Now, Beyoncé's tour could become not only the biggest this year, but also the most successful of all time , according to figures compared to other world tours. It should be remembered that currently the top 3 tours are led by Elton John's 'Farrewell Yellow Brick Road' with a collection of almost 818 million dollars . In second place is Ed Sheeran's '÷ Tour', with more than 736 million dollars ; and it culminates 'U2 360º Tour' of U2, also with more than 736 million dollars.

Of course, if you take into account the $750 million figure that Beyoncé could collect in the "worst" case, the truth is that "Farrewell Yellow Brick Road" would still beat her by almost $70 million.

However, in this comparison there is a key point: while Elton John's tour consists of a total of 278 concerts, Beyoncé's, according to Vanity Fair, could easily reach 80. In other words, that the 'Renaissance World Tour ' would be collecting 91.6% of what Elton John's tour collected, with only 28% of the concerts performed by the legendary British singer-songwriter.

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Bad Bunny: the Latin American representation

Although Latin American artists have grown exponentially in recent years, thanks to globalization and the impact of Spanish-speaking music in the world, the truth is that they still have a long way to go before reaching their most important peers in economic figures. of Anglo music.

Even with this, artists from the region such as Bad Bunny have had a positive impact on the world music industry, managing to accommodate themselves even in the rankings of characters with the highest earnings on the planet. An example of this is the 'Forbes List of the 10 highest paid artists of 2022' , in which the 'Bad Rabbit' managed to get into tenth position. According to the famous magazine, the artist achieved great revenues with his tours 'El Último Tour Del Mundo' and 'The World's Hottest Tour': more than 400 million dollars in tickets alone.

Of course, as with any other artist and tour, the Puerto Rican singer-songwriter had to part with a large part of that money to cover the expenses that these types of shows represent. Still, including endorsements, Bad Bunny raked in $88 million in 2022 . Although this figure does not reach that of other celebrities such as Taylor Swift herself (9th place with 92 million dollars), or Sting (#2 with 210 million dollars) , the truth is that it is relevant to see a Latin American artist in this type of rankings, and it is expected that over the years the earnings and fame will be greater.

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