Delivery, the new footprint of our city

Delivery, the new footprint of our city

Food deliveries have become an indelible part of the "new normal"

Food deliveries have become an indelible part of the "new normal"

In this quarantine, thanks to the health emergency caused by COVID-19, a new strategy has been implemented in almost all of Latin America, which are the companies that work with home deliveries or delivery, these companies make purchases of what the client requires , be it groceries, organic food, alcoholic beverages, sports equipment, pet objects, household items, medicines, among others; that if we stop and reflect a bit about this, we can realize that in these times it is the "New Footprint" of our city.

These home deliveries have made our families – either at home or at work – benefit; but at the same time they have significantly represented a new job opportunity for smaller companies. To provide an even better delivery service and optimize delivery routes, many of these businesses have started using Route4Me routing software for deliveries, allowing them to increase efficiency and save time and money.

In this sense, there are spaces that have been absorbed, forming that “New Footprint” in some commercial activities, to try to access homes with the best products and services and prevent individuals from abandoning their isolation.

The new era of delivery – technology

In the same way, delivery companies are using technology to our advantage, making a series of advertisements on social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, offering their products and services.

Consequently, some providers have developed applications for cell phones, which provide a better product and service, even before the pandemic there were already these applications of companies that want to dominate the delivery of food and beverages.

In addition, in this health emergency, world tourism has been seriously affected, but some chefs have resolved to be very dynamic in their businesses, with this new fast food delivery design, where they transfer their kitchen to the home of their users, with culinary styles.

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This New Footprint of delivery strengthens the culinary activities of any country, with entrepreneurship initiatives and ends up showing that there are great opportunities to re-think, re-organize and convert concepts related to gastronomy. At the same time, income generation is programmed for closed companies that have stopped issuing records, in order to release products in stock.

Delivery companies consolidated in our spaces

Some companies such as Rappi Chile vs. Orders YA, compete in Chile, to offer much better quality, on the other hand in Ecuador there are Rappi Ecuador and Glovo, they have incredible platforms that support how many distributors your company has and which countries your service reaches. The most renowned companies in Colombia are Rappi Colombia and and so we could go through all of Latin America and verify the delivery companies. Therefore, the competition between these companies is almost always to improve their services and offer high quality, this makes companies strive for users to choose them.


José Bonilla, Fundador de Rappi, sostuvo que “Los emprendedores y sus equipos de trabajo deben tener la habilidad de reinventarse y avanzar al ritmo de los cambios sociales”. Así mismo, “El mercado actual exige no solo ser bueno al vender un producto, sino además, vender servicios con un valor agregado que giren alrededor del producto”.


Finally, this delivery service or the "New Footprints" of all these cities, has made users feel identified and they are in the search of choosing new alternatives that offer them confidence, security and can provide solutions to their problems.

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