Luis Rubiales Does Not Resign: What’s Next For Spanish Women’s Football?

Luis Rubiales Does Not Resign: What’s Next For Spanish Women’s Football?

Against all odds, the president of the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), Luis Rubiales, has not resigned this Friday.

He has said it clearly and loudly, as loudly as another cry is being heard, that of “it’s over”, uttered from many different areas against the version he has given about the kiss on the mouth of the soccer player Jennifer Hermoso, who did not has convinced almost no one.

Not even some members of the Federation, who, in a small cascade, have been resigning , including some of the vice presidents of the entity.

Dozens of messages on the social network X (formerly Twitter) summarize the almost general surprise of a country that today had its eyes on the live broadcast of the extraordinary Assembly of the Federation and, of course, on its president, waiting for the announcement that a good number of communication media had already advanced: his resignation.

They were wrong. Far from it, Rubiales has raised his voice to say several times: “I am not going to resign, I am not going to resign, I am not going to resign.” And to later use this justification: “It was a spontaneous, mutual, euphoric and consented kiss.”

A few words that have immediately caused a wave of rejection from spheres beyond sports and politics and beyond our borders. Rejection that many have also extended to the members of the federation assembly, who, on repeated occasions, (almost all) have applauded Rubiales’ speech.

There are already those who speak of a reissue in Spanish soccer of Me too (the movement in the United States that began after the accusations of sexual abuse against the American film producer and executive Harvey Weinstein).

The players

Mari Paz Vilas is a soccer player from Levante, and she has summed up very well in the networks the reaction that Rubiales’ decision to continue in the RFEF chair has provoked. “We do not advance! I feel real shame. What should be a party and talk only about them, the protagonists, once again eclipses. We do not deserve this “.

In that “they”, Vilas included the players of the national team, who have also used their accounts on social networks to express themselves.

“This is unacceptable. It’s over,” wrote the Ballon d’Or Alexia Putellas. “There are limits that cannot be crossed” and “we cannot tolerate this,” said Aitana Bonmnatí. “We are with you, partner, with you to death”, this player has transmitted to Jenni Hermoso.

Cata Coll, for her part, regretted that 23 footballers are not “the protagonists”. “It’s over”, he wrote in support of Hermoso, the same one that the player Athenea del Castillo has also expressed with this phrase: “We are with you”.

And more sports women. “Out of respect for the values ​​of sport. Out of respect for women’s football. Out of respect for women. And the men who fight alongside them. Out of respect for football. Enough Now! It’s time to change this forever”, has emphasized League F.

The Association for Women in Professional Sports has gone further and has taken the opportunity to launch a claim: “I think it is time to ask for our own federation. Given that the one we have only defends its own interests and is defending a president like this.”

The government’s turn

During these days of controversy, the Government has waited for Rubiales’ move, hoping, perhaps, that he would resign. If he didn’t, the ball fell into its hands.

The acting vice president of the Executive and leader of Sumar, Yolanda Díaz, has called on it to act and take “urgent measures” against Rubiales, who “cannot continue in office” after his “unacceptable” speech and the “embarrassment” that is giving.

Precisely , Díaz has been the object, together with the acting ministers Irene Montero and Ione Belarra and the former parliamentary spokesperson for United We Can Pablo Echenique, of attacks by the still president of the RFEF, against whom he plans to take action for what they have said about him.

“The Government must act and take urgent measures: impunity for macho actions is over. Rubiales cannot continue in office,” Díaz wrote on the X social network, formerly Twitter.

But what will the government do? At the moment, another acting vice president, Teresa Ribera, has advanced that “everything is in her hands”, without specifying.

Yes, the Secretary of State for Sport and president of the Higher Sports Council (CSD), Víctor Francos, has specified more, who has affirmed that his body will denounce Rubiales this Friday before the Administrative Court of Sport for “very serious” facts and that he will be suspended from his functions if said instance opens a file on him.

In defense of “only yes is yes”

The acting Minister for Equality, Irene Montero, has once again valued the right to sexual freedom and the “only yes is yes”.

Likewise, the acting Minister of Social Rights, Ione Belarra, wanted to make it clear that “consent is not decided by the aggressor, it is decided by the woman” and has charged against Rubiales’ “violent and “mafioso” discourse, that ” It won’t work against a country that has already changed.” “Everyone already knows the kind of man he is,” she added. The Government delegate against Sexist Violence, Victoria Rosell, has accused Rubiales of trying to consider Jenni Hermoso as “a liar and him as a victim.” “It’s over”, has settled.

From the judiciary, two progressive associations Judges and Judges for Democracy and the Progressive Union of Prosecutors have denounced the abuse, arrogance and the macho spectacle offered by Rubiales.


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