New Women’s Sports Record!: US Volleyball Match Breaks Attendance Record

New Women’s Sports Record!: US Volleyball Match Breaks Attendance Record

Women’s sports are going through their era of greatest popularity. We tell you about the new attendance record at a women’s sporting event.

Women’s sporting events are undoubtedly at their peak of popularity. This year, the women’s soccer world cup in Australia and New Zealand gave the soccer players new prizes, sponsors and new transmission records.

However, the World Cup also left behind one of the most scandalous scenes of the year: Luis Rubiales gave Jennifer Hermoso, a player for the Spanish team, the country that won the cup, a kiss on the mouth without her consent. This has shown that with the popularity of women’s sports has also come a special focus on systematic sexist violence in soccer federations.

So there are still many challenges that remain to achieve gender parity in sport. However, the attention that these women’s sporting events have received has also resulted in the sensitivity and awareness of audiences and fans on issues of feminism, sexist violence and gender gaps.

And, unsurprisingly, the popularity of women’s soccer has spilled over into other sports as well. This is the case of the new record that was broken this week in the United States.

New attendance record at a women’s sporting event

The volleyball game between the Nebraska Cornhuskers and the Omana Maveriks teams, in the NCAA women’s university volleyball tournament, has broken the attendance record for a women’s sporting event, with 92,003 spectators, after surpassing the 91,648 in the semifinal duel of the League of Soccer champions between Barcelona and Wolfsburg at Camp Nou on April 22, 2022.

Nebraska’s Memorial Stadium was commissioned to host this historic match, for which more than 82,000 tickets were sold in three days. The capacity of the Nebraska stadium for a football game is 91,000 spectators, although due to the dimensions of the volleyball court the capacity could be increased.

In the United States, the attendance record dated from July 10, 1999, when 90,185 people attended the Rose Bowl in Pasadena (California) to see the final of the Women’s World Cup between the local team and China.

Undoubtedly, women’s sport is at its best moment in history, although with many challenges ahead. It will depend on the willingness and support of the fans that women’s sport continues to grow and strengthen.


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