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    Alexandra Domínguez Escobar

    Alexandra Dominguez Escobar (AlexaDomE) Originally from Cali, Colombia. Technologist in Textile Engineering with a focus on business administration, academic training that allowed her to work in the productive, textile and marketing sector in her native country. Later she obtained the title of Textile Engineering (industrial class) at the Polytechnic University of Torino, in Italy, where she lived for 17 years. This experience led her to develop other aspects of her personality such as a passion for art, multiculturalism and reading. She moves to Spain in 2017. It is thanks to the drastic change due to the recent pandemic, which she channels and externalizes through her books: "Il virus del terrore. Una infodemia?" and "EL BICHO ¿Una PLANdemia?", a series of events of our recent times. With her latest book "Tribute to a suicidal father" her sensitivity for social problems from which society unconsciously* diverts her attention comes out.

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